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13 Stunning Photos Around Bristol



bristol photos

Amazing Bristol photos

James Packwood takes absolutely stunning photos of Bristol. We caught up with him to see 13 of his favourite Bristol photos.

An Autumn Walk

bristol autumn

I love the fact that there are so many green places in Bristol, where you can feel like you’re not even in a city. This particular shot is taken in Birdcage Walk in Clifton.

B&W Cranes

m shed cranes

Bristol has so much history and a lot can be found around the old docklands. I don’t normally shoot in black and white but I feel it suited this shot, along with the view of the cranes from this angle.

Bluebell Carpet

bluebell carpet

Not technically in Bristol but close enough, Prior’s Woods turns into a magical place every spring where bluebells cover the woodland floor.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

clifton suspension bridge

It can’t be a collection of Bristol pics without a shot of the bridge. The classic Bristol landmark and even more spectacular when lit up.

Dundry Hill Views

view of dundry hill

I’ve only just discovered Dundry Hill and I’m glad I did.  With views all the way to Wales and over the whole of Bristol, you are always guaranteed a good sunset up here.

Evening Reflection Walk

bristol walk evening

Taken on the outskirts of Bristol, I was trying to capture the typical British countryside evening and this gentleman managed to perfectly time his walk.

Harbourside Sunset

bristol harbourside sunset

The harbourside is such a big part of the city and some evenings the setting sun lights it up with a lovely golden glow.

Hotwells Houses

hotwells houses

Quite a lot of my shots are around the Harbourside and the houses of Hotwells provide a beautiful colourful background for this particular stretch.

Muddy Coast

muddy coast

There is always a good sunset along the coast of the Bristol channel and I think this shot of the mud flats and salt marsh sums up this stretch of coast quite nicely.

Severn Bridge

severn bridge

I have taken quite a few shots of the Severn Bridge with beautifully coloured skies around sunset.  I quite like this one though, with more grey tones and capturing the movement of the clouds.

Temple Meads Station

temple meads station

One of the many impressive buildings in Bristol, and it looks particularly cool when illuminated at night. A long exposure shot here of a bus driving past leaving a colourful light trail.

Temple Quay at Night

temple quay at night

Bristol has many waterways winding through it and this area caught my eye with the row of street lights in front of trees giving nice reflections.

The Matthew

the matthew ship bristol

A good example of why I try to always have a camera on me when I’m out for a walk, you never know what scene may present itself.

Those were amazing pictures of Bristol from James Packwood. If you like these then find him on:

Flickr as jamespackwood

Facebook as jamespackwoodphotography

Or buy prints of his pics at




Don’t Be A F***ing No Show, Bristol



Don’t be a Fucking No Show

This is an article I’ve wanted to write for a long time, but the recent chaos that the snow caused in Bristol reminded me to get on with it – as apparently our lives had to stop and we all lost our minds. Restaurant no shows are becoming a real problem in Bristol, especially for our independents. They’re losing money, and if we’re not careful we’ll lose them.

I do understand that plans/life can change, I don’t want to hold a gun to your head and force you to stick to every plan you’ve ever made. However, there are some very easy rules to follow if you want to go out and enjoy a lovely meal at one of our restaurants. They’re called manners. Simple, basic manners.

1. If you book somewhere and then your plans change, maybe you were snowed in or you got sick? Call and fucking cancel!

If you were going to meet a mate and then you couldn’t make it would you just think “ah fuck it, they’ll work it out when I don’t turn up”. No, you’d call, apologise and make new plans (unless you’re a complete prick). If the restaurant knows you aren’t coming they can try and find someone to fill your place, especially if they are popular and have waiting lists – but they need to be allowed the time to do that.

2. Don’t make multiple bookings and then choose one closer to the date and cancel the rest.

This is still complete fuckery. How hard is it for you to make up your mind? Why does the restaurant have to pay for you being a complete wet flannel? It seems that this is quite a common “thing” for people to do and think it’s ok if they cancel far enough in advance, and fair that takes away some of your dickishness, however, there are lots of other people trying to book restaurants. What if they call and can’t book because you’re holding a table just because “you can’t decide” and then they go somewhere else and then you cancel – see how cuntish this is? You’re basically a German hogging a sun bed on holiday, even though you spend all of your time in the pool. (Sorry for the horrible stereotype to my German friends.)

3. You are a grown ass person, start acting like one. The restaurant does not need to call you to remind you of an appointment you made.

Put it in your diary and sort your life out. I am a self-confessed idiot when it comes to organising my life and I still know when I’m booked to eat somewhere (mainly because I get all the food feels and think about what I’m going to eat for days pre-booking). If you fuck up, and we all do it, call to apologise. If the restaurant calls you, apologise. Don’t hang up, or pretend like life isn’t happening outside of your bubble.

That’s it. Three simple points. In summary, if you make a restaurant booking turn up to it, if you can’t make it apologise and cancel, don’t book multiple restaurants and then select your chosen one closer to the date, if you fuck up make sure you apologise. BASIC FUCKING MANNERS.



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Bristol’s First Ever Seabin Could Be Coming To Harbourside



Crowd funder for a Seabin in Bristol

You may not have noticed but Bristol’s harbourside is filled with rubbish, plastic and pollutants.

However ‘The Bristol Seabin Project’ is looking to increase clean up efforts by raising enough money for Bristol’s first ever Seabin.

What’s a Seabin I hear you ask?

sea bin

Well it’s essentially a bin that can catch;

  • 90,000 plastic bags/pieces of debris a year
  • an estimated 1.5 Kgs of floating debris per day (depending on weather and debris volumes) including microplastics up to 2 mm small

seabin catch

And how does a Seabin work?

It will cost £3,000 to get Bristol it’s first Seabin and in the last few days over £2,585 has been raised and it’s looking likely that the target will be hit.

The project has managed to get the full go ahead from Bristol City Council, Harbourmaster and several other organisations now with more support coming in everyday.

You can help the project hit the goal even faster by donating here 

More about Bristol SeaBin Project






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The Downs Bristol Tickets Go On Sale



downs festival
Credit Chris Cooper

Forget the snow, this is the most Bristolian thing you’ll do all summer

Yep, it’s a winter wonderland out there. Bristol looks beautiful in the snow, people have been skiing down Park Street, making snowboards out of ironing boards, and being good Samaritans helping cars and people out of the snow. Bristol, you’re good in the snow. But, know what you’re also good at Bristol? The summer, with a pint of cider in hand and amazing music in your ears.

So, for one minute let’s delay that snow angel, hold fire on the snowball fight, put the toboggan fashioned from a bin lid down because tickets for The Downs are on sale- RIGHT NOW! And this year looks like the best one yet. We’ve got Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, Orbital, Basement Jaxx, The Heavy and Goldie and the Heritage Ensemble all playing at what will be Bristol’s biggest outdoor music event. Sweet Bristol goodness!

If you are among the Bristol hardcore today then you can get your ticket in person from the Bristol Ticket Shop in Broadmead and The Love Inn at Stokes Croft.

For the rest of us we can just get the via, and



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