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20 Cracking Candid Bristol Pictures



Colin Moody’s Amazing Bristol Pictures

Colin Moody is a bit of a Bristol legend. Presenter of The Source on Made In Bristol TV, host for events companies and charities. iPad guru to Bristol’s elders, on BCfm 93.2fm and a phenomenal Bristol photo blogger. Armed with just his iPad, Colin takes glorious photos of Bristol, completely capturing Bristol’s essence. We take a look at 20 of his best Bristol photos.

1. Duck – St Philips

Duck St PhillipsI just had to wait for someone to make this shot work. This is my favourite composition of all. Thank you the wind, graffiti artist and mountain of bricks.

2. Bird Storm – Cumberland Basin

Bristol Storm BirdsDuring a scouring of the harbour hundreds of fish got stranded which attracted the birds. I love the way they space themselves in light and shadow and the leader has turned.

3. Balloon seller – St Werburghs City Farm Summer Fair

bristol subway graffitiIt’s great to catch people holding objects interacting with the graffiti in our city. This is one of my favourites.

4. Bristol water fight – two domes – Millennium Square

water fight bristolI wrapped the iPad up good and proper and waded in. By getting behind the light water forms domes to match the planetarium. Bristol at its most fun loving, free and solid at the same time.

5. Gull tree – Durdham Downs

Bristol BirdsI nodded off then saw one gull. Turned around as they all took off. Click. I use this image a lot in my charity work with to stimulate our elders into talking about the Downs.

6. Banksy dog – Harbour

Bristol Banksy DogI don’t know who owns the dog, but together they work. This is one of my less square pictures.

7. Style and  protest – Centre

Bristol austerity protestLoving their style as they take time out from protesting to stare at me, text and still look cool.

8. Underfall yard – Harbour

Bristol underfall harbourThe light was right and the boat selection just so. This area is a constantly changing landscape of awesome boats, bits and bobs.

9. Weed on the line – Harbour

bristol-flower-harbourCome the weekend the steam train would have rolled this weed flat, so a short life but a great chance for me to capture this early summer optimism.

10. Protest – Centre

Bristol migrationTaken during the migrant boat crisis protest this I like for the levels above and below the banner.

11. Get up! – University Library

Bristol running man statueHumour shot, with the statue about to kick…

12. Bus queue – Broadmead

Bristol Bus QueueA bird for every weary waiting traveller. Spirits above them.

13. “Is it a banksy…?” – B.R.I.

Bristol GraffitiNoticed these two art lovers. When one leaned in I just had to click. The crown and the umbrella tie in well. Thanks to my Insta mate Jess for correcting me on the artist! It’s Incwel.

14. Ferry passing – Harbour

Bristol Gromit BoatWhen the ferry passes under Peros bridge you can get a great drone type shot without the hassle. I’m a big fan of thinking where the camera needs to be to make a shot work in a new way.

15. Crossing the tracks – New Cut

Bristol train trackNever take photos on railways but this one one operates at the weekend. It’s being replaced with a bus route soon so I wanted a poignant picture to remember it by.

16. Eclipse hunters – Clifton Observatory

Bristol EclipseDon’t try this at home, but these students made an eclipse cinema you wear to see the celestial event. It worked very well! One wears it, the other guides you to target. For me this is pure performance art. Love it.

17. Nepal Fundraiser – Stokes Croft

bristol-girlI occasionally if the mood is right, and where we are has an interesting backing, ask people if I can take their portrait. This one for me really sums up the Bristol spirit with a tropical spirit that we have gained from such a diverse mix of cultures in Stokes Croft.

18. Cycle city – Temple Meads

Bristol Bike BoardThis photo appeared in the Observer on Sunday representing what is great about our city. I just waited ages for the right cyclist to come by. Click.

19. Wings – Peros Bridge, Harbour

Bristol BridgePairs of wings, one natural and fleeting, one architectural and permanent. Again a kind of Bristol shot.

20. Bridge pairs – Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge WalkI knew I had to photograph this bridge eventually. One day the sun was setting and this man was walking his dog so I waited until they blocked the sun and clicked. This photo is on show at the Radisson Blu hotel restaurant.

These photographs are available in square prints framed or unframed / signed or unsigned from Colin Moody. Print Sizes recommended are 15x15cm or 20x20cm. You can also select 9 of your favourites to appear in a square compilation image 30x30cm.

For all enquiries call 07957 324 351 or tweet me @moodycolin.
I hand deliver in Bristol so I get to visit even more of this city!

Keep up to date with new work at Instagram @moodycolin319 where new work appears every day. Prints can be ordered of any there with delivery within 1 week for prints and 2 weeks for block prints and framed work.

A selection of work will be on view at the Celebrating Age Festival at the M Shed on 27th September 10 am till 4pm. 



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Hyde & Co’s Launch Impressive New Cocktail Menu



A year has passed since Bristol’s finest cocktail bar last refreshed its menu, and it’s all change again at the secretive and stylish Hyde & Co.

2017’s The Last Carnival introduced us to a glamorous world of burlesque, cabaret and circus, showcasing a mastery of cocktail creativity. Midnight in Paris picks up the tale…

The scene is set in 1920’s Paris; a dangerous world of decadence and daring. A jewel heist in the French capital has caught the attention of private detective Kinsey Moran, who must follow a trail through the city’s drinking dens and backstreets to bring the culprits to justice.

From the imagination of talented local designer and bartender Gareth Aldridge, Midnight in Paris’ beautiful story and artwork sets Hyde & Co. apart from the outset – but it’s the variety and quality of the cocktails that tempt visitors to sample daring new concoctions.

With sultry jazz playing softly in the background and a décor embracing the elegance of the roaring 20’s, drinkers can now enjoy a new selection of the bold and innovative cocktails for which Hyde & Co. is known.

Traditional French spirits including Calvados, Cognac and Chartreuse blend beautifully with spice mix, bitters and liqueurs, creating bold new flavours with a nod to classics like the French 75, Sidecar and Kir Royale.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, the gin-based Tribune caught my attention, but the breadth and depth of choice is highly impressive.

Tribune cocktail


You can dip into Midnight in Paris at Hyde & Co from Tuesdays to Sundays, 6pm till late. Check out the Hyde & Co website here, and find them on Twitter here. For more reviews and write-ups from @cjcallaghan, check out his Best of Bristol author page.



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A Response To ‘Gentrification By Instagram’



Bristol Skyline sunset

In response to Bristol 24/7 and Thomas Oxley: ‘Gentrification by Instagram’

First of all I should say to those that do not know me; I was part of the @igersBristol team for two years, so this article really was aimed at a lot of my friends and peers.

The reason this article will not be impartial isn’t because of my ties to those involved, but because it is a grossly unfair opinion piece with unfounded accusations, and it’s seemingly based on fuck all else but a desire to be controversial.

I really do love Bristol and the diversity of its people, their passions and their beliefs. What I’ll never stand for is someone telling anybody what they should, or should not create, capture, or share.

Bristol is a city that built a reputation on its creativity, and a community that supports each other. There is no room here for crab mentality, or negativity towards any other person’s craft.

I understand that most people don’t live in the pretty, colourful Bristol we see on Instagram and in the wider press. It’s not all ‘Sunday Times Best Place to Live’ shite, where you walk your kids to school without swearing at them, past colourful houses, through the park or along the river.

I understand this because I grew up on a council estate in East Bristol. I believe most of us had tough upbringings in a city that is rife with drug use, poverty, inequality and racial tension.

🎉 INSTAMEET NEWS! 🎉 • As part of our #igersloveGloucesterRoad campaign, we are hosting an Instameet in two weeks time! ———————————————– 📅 Saturday 25th February. • 🌍 – Brunswick Square, St. Paul’s. • ⏰ 13:00-16:00. ———————————————– We’re going to be weaving up Cheltenham/Gloucester Road, taking in some of Bristol’s most vibrant communities, including Montpellier, Bishopston, St. Andrews and Ashley Down. We’ll try and navigate via some great pieces of graffiti, lovely green spaces and stunning terraces! 🙌🏼 • If you haven’t really explored Gloucester Road before, this will be a great opportunity to acquaint yourself with the surrounding areas. If you love Gloucester Road, well then I don’t need to encourage you. 😅 • England aren’t playing in the Six Nations that day so I don’t want any excuses. 🤓🏉 ———————————————– Photo by our very own @richimal_bristol! ———————————————– Shared by @antimitch! 🤙🏼

A post shared by Instagramers Bristol (@igersbristol) on

The mixed views of Bristol held by many, shouldn’t be grounds to curse those that choose to focus on either the good or the bad. If you want to “Make Bristol Shit Again”, crack on.

If you want to campaign and protest the injustices people in this city face, from the homeless, the refugees, the poor, the ethnic minorities. Please, please do.

Or if you’d prefer to shine a bright light onto the things that make Bristol such a fantastic city to live in, as many people do extremely well, then have a fucking field day as there’s lots to shout about.

@IGersBristol is a community of people that do the latter out of pure passion, immense pride and an unwavering attachment to Bristol. Building friendships, educating, and broadening minds along the way. To question the integrity of people you’ve never met is a lamentable act, for which you are being rightfully admonished.

I’m focusing on @IGersBristol, I’ll reiterate not because of personal bias, because in my opinion, they are the inspiration for a large amount of feature accounts in Bristol. The foundation of the account, community and hashtag is to shout about what you love, to share your Bristol.

A lot of folk’s favourite part of Bristol is indeed the floating harbour, not Withywood nor Knowle. Although, if you look a little deeper you’ll see there are plenty of other Instagrammers who strive to document the “real Bristol” that is claimed to be missing from social media.

You’d also have seen the meets and events arranged across BS1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 and beyond. Events that took us way beyond “the square mile from the Suspension Bridge to the Arnolfini and from the Create Centre to the top of Park Street.”

I respect opinion pieces, and the conversations we have every day on social media and in the press, but myself and my peers cannot stand by in light of such vitriol.

Bristol’s “gentrifying” Instagram community have made it clear that no amount of hatred will stop us doing what we do, because we love it, and we love our home. Why don’t you join in sometime, Thomas? Everyone is welcome.



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There’s A Gin Bus & A Rum Bus Coming To Bristol!



Open top bus gin tour

The Foozie bus series is returning to Bristol!

After the hugely successful Foozie bus series last year, Bristol will again play host to the Gin Bus and Rum Bus this summer, but with the added addition of the Pink Gin Bus set to make it even better and more fun than last year. If that’s possible..

If you find yourself unfamiliar with the boozy bus series, the long story short is booze, open-top vintage bus, scenic tour of Bristol. You can skip to the end for tickets now if you wish.

For two hours you’ll cruise around Bristol on a summery afternoon, in an open-top Bristol Lodekka bus from the 1950s, with a drink in hand and fellow gin or rum lovers for company.

Open top bus gin tourFor this years series, Foozie has teamed up with Martin Miller’s Gin, who use classic botanicals and Icelandic spring water to create the world’s most awarded gin of the last decade.

Fans of pink gin will rejoice, because the first ever Pink Gin Bus is happening, with Pinkster Gin providing the pink stuff.

Those who prefer to dabble in the wares of the rum industry, fear not, as you will be equally well catered for. Your rum bus comes complete with Old J Rum, who will be creating the menu with their incredible range of spiced and flavoured rums.

Open top bus rum tour

Foozie are also partnering with Seedlip, who will provide their non alcoholic spirits. Seedlip is the world’s first distilled zero-alcohol spirit, and it tastes incredible in cocktails and with tonic.

Fentimans will be perfectly pairing some of their botanically brewed beverages with the

gin and the rum to create a selection of drinks menus that are totally unique to these bus events.

If this sounds like a great way to spend two hours of your weekend, that’s because it is.

Follow the links below to bag yourself a ticket right this second, and get 10% off using the code BESTOFBRISTOLBUS10 at checkout.

The Martin Miller Gin Bus

The Pinkster Gin Bus

The Old J Spiced Rum Bus



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