14 Abandoned & Derelict Places In Bristol

The beauty of forgotten Bristol places

1. Bristol Baths Building

baths bristol
Credit Lee Ratters

And inside

bristol baths swimming pool inside
Credit Lee Ratters

2. Bristol General Hospital

bristol general hospital
BGH opened in 1832, and closed back in 2012

The corridor inside Bristol General Hospital

Bristol general hospital corrider
Credit Karen Skeats

The old chapel

the chapel
Credit Karen Skeats

Further inside

bristol general hospital inside
Credit Karen Skeats

3. Barrow Gurney Mental Hospital

barrow gurney hospital
Credit Hannabella


barrow gurney sillouete
Credit Hannabella

With all sorts of graffiti..

when i was a kid a pinhead looked like this grafitti
Credit Hannabella

4. Redcatch petrol station

redcatch filing station
Credit samuir 

5. The Bell @ Redcliffe

the bell redcliffe
Credit Samuir

And inside…

inside the bell
Credit Samuir 

6. The old Royal Mail sorting office behind Temple Meads

parcel force temple meads
Credit Colin Moody

7. The old trains next to the M Shed

sulphuric acid train
Credit Derek Σωκράτης Finch

8. These old shop fronts by the Bearpit

Credit shrinkin’violet

9. Bristol city gate NHS walk-in cetnre

bristol city gate
Credit shrinkin’violet

10. An abandoned car park by the Avon Gorge

car park
Credit Eddyill – Imgur

11. The White Lion in Easton

The White Lion Easton
Credit steve_l 

12. This old B&Q

b & q
Credit Colin Moody

13.  Bristol children’s hospital

Bristol childrens hospital
Credit Lee Ratters


bristol childrens hospital inside
Credit Lee Ratters

14. Bristol Albion Dock – McArthurs Warehouse

Bristol albion docks
Credit Neil Hobbs

And what it looks like inside

Inside Albion Dock
Credit Neil Hobbs



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