16 Awesome Old Photos Of Bristol Throughout The Years

Old Photos of Bristol

1. Bristol Centre before the fountains

bristol centre
Via shipscompass

2. The Centre from the roof of the old Bristol Omnibus office in the 1960s

bristol 1960 centre
Via shipscompass

3.  In 1911 with the Frome river still running

Bristol centre 1911
Via Paul Townsend

4. The centre during the Queen’s coronation in 1953

Bristol centre in 1953
Via Paul Townsend

5. Bristol bombed during WW2 in 1940 – Mary Le Port & Bridge Streets

bristol during the war
Via. Paul Townsend

6. King Street in 1946 (way before the proliferation of craft beer pubs)

king street 1946
Via Paul Townsend

7. The Albion Dock before the coloured houses

the albion dock in the 70s
Via shipscompass

8. St Nicks Market in the 1960s

St Nicks Market 1960
Via shipscompass

9. Bristol Docks in the 1960s – The Grove

bristol docks in the 1960s
Via shipscompass

10. A demolition in Bedminster in 1988

bedminster demolition
Via shipscompass

11. Paddle Steamer heading below the Clifton Suspension Bridge

paddle steamer beneath clifton suspension bridge
Via shipscompass

12. The old Bristol tram on Cheltenham Road in 1937

gloucester road tram
Via Paul Townsend

13. Stokes Croft back when the trams still ran

full moon old
Via Paul Townsend

14. Welsh Back in 1931

Welsh Back 1931
Via shipscompass

15. Whiteladies Road in the 1980s

Whiteladies road in the 1980s
Via shipscompass

16. Bedminster during the 1968 Bristol floods

bedminster bristol floods
Via shipscompass

With great thanks to shipscompass and Paul Townsend on Flickr for these photos.



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