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Best Pubs in Bristol



best pubs in Bristol

28 Best Pubs in Bristol

We love a good pint in Bristol we do and we’ve got some absolutely awesome pubs scattered around that can cater for every need; craft beer, real ale, and the cloudiest of ciders. We take you through the 28 best pubs in Bristol that you really need to try.

1. Small Bar

small bar

You’ll be seeing a lot of bars from the street that features never ending selections of extremely good craft beer – King Street. Small Bar is the first in our list – a great array of beers and very nice decour. Make sure you try the mouth watering hot dogs.

Small Bar Address: 31 King St, BS1 4DZ

2. Aviator


Nestled away on one of Bristol’s more quaint little areas, Chandos Road. If you don’t live around Redland and Clifton there’s a good chance you might not have ventured here but make sure you do. Craft beer galore here, it’s a small place but really worth the visit.

Aviator Address: Chandos Rd, Redland, BS6 6PE

3. The Bell

the bell

The first of our Stokes Croft bars. Pop along Jamaica Street and into the Bell to meet the finest that Stokes Croft has to offer. Normally bustling with good tunes at night, the real atmosphere comes out in the smoking area. Look out the wandering cat that stops by.

The Bell Address: 18 Hillgrove Street, Stokes Croft, BS2 8JT

4. Kongs of Kings Street

Kongs Table Tennis Bristol

Kings Street again. One of the more unique bars in Bristol, featuring arcade games, table tennis and a big selection of beers. Not bad pizza either.

Kongs Address: 13-15 King St, BS1 4EF

5. Kensington Arms

kensington arms

The Kenny. Badly damaged earlier in the year from a late night fire, the Kenny is back up and running again and it’s a place you have to try. Hidden away on the corner of Stanley Road there’s a great atmosphere with food that is some of the very best in Bristol.

Kensington Arms Address: 35-37 Stanley Road, Redland, BS6 6NP

6. The Cadbury


Nestled away in the marvellous back streets of Montpelier you’ll find this gorgeous pub. Nice and large beer garden to sip from the array of beer, ales and 3 boxed ciders that are on tap. They also cook a mean roast to.

The Cadbury Address: 68 Richmond Rd, BS6 5EW

7. The Christmas Steps

christmas steps

It’s a wonder what new owners can do to an old place. Since the Crack magazine team took over this place it’s taken on a new lease of life and should be your first port of call if you’re venturing up these picturesque steps. Make sure you try the music quiz on Wednesdays.

Christmas Steps Address: 2 Christmas Steps, BS1 5BS. 

8. The Apple

The Apple Bristol

If you want cider then look no further than this apple soaked boat at the end of Kings Street. They’ve got 8 ciders on tap and have sold over a million in their short term moored over here.

The Apple Address: Welsh Back, Bristol, BS1 4SB.

9. Grain Barge

Keeping with the boat theme, this converted barge in the wonderful Howells has a superb atmosphere, decent food (try a pie!) and brilliant views of Bristol.

Grain Barge Address: Mardyke Wharf, Hotwell Rd, BS8 4RU

10. The Old Bookshop

Down south of the river, around North Street way, you’ll find the Old Bookshop. Awesome atmosphere in here and features some incredible Bedminster beards. They’ve even got a woodburner in the covered garden so it’s perfect for the winter months.

The Old Bookshop Address: 65 North St, Bedminster, BS3 1ES

11. Full Moon

full moon

Pop down to the Moon for one. The inside is alright but the real fun is outside in the ginormous beer garden where you’ll find a host of interesting Stokes Croft characters. Also the start point for the Bristol Naked Bike Ride, what’s not to like?

Full Moon Address: 1 North St, Stokes Croft, BS1 3PR

12. Beer Emporium

Something very incredibly Belgian about this place with it’s massive selection of beers (24 different draft beers in total) and cave like architecture. Pricey but very tasty. Brucie bonus: You can also buy bottled beer in their award winning bottle shop upstairs.

Beer Emporium Address: 15 King St, BS1 4EF

13. Pipe and Slippers

If you ever need something of a game changer on a night out then pop to the pipe and slippers and get yourself a ‘pipe dream’ (pictured). You’ll be on your way in no time. Filled with comfy chairs and an good smoking area for those inclined, the pipe is one of the best pubs in Stokes Croft.

Pipe and Slippers Address: 118 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5RW

14. The Bag of Nails

bag of nails

It’s a pub that has just ale and cats. It really doesn’t need more explanation than that, go, it’s just amazing. It’s even recently been featured in Mashable and Bored Panda. Make sure you don’t break some of it’s many rules.

bag of nails rules

15. The Farm

Tucked away in St. Werburghs just next to the City Farm (go visit the pigs obviously), there’s a brilliant beer garden and a tasty roast waiting for you.

The Farm Address: Hopetoun Rd, St. Werburghs, BS2 9YL

16. The Hatchet Inn

This historically gorgeous pub on Frogmore street is more of a quintessential rock pub than any of these so far, just take a look at their website with this message on:

‘Sorry. We’re too busy being the best bar in Bristol to make a pretty website. It detracts from rocking out, and that’s not acceptable. No. There are drinks to be consumed and fun to be had.’

There’s a fine selection of real ales to be had here and a great beer garden to drink them in.

The Hatchet Address: 27 Frogmore St, BS1 5NA

17. Old Duke

It’s one of Bristol’s longest running venues and been a bastion of King Street for years now. It’s jazz here most nights of the week and it is brilliant. Lots of free live music here most nights of the week to.

The Old Duke Address: 45 King Street,  BS1 4ER

18. Golden Lion

the golden lion

Gloucester Road is full of good venues for pubs and also free music. At the furthest up you’ll find the Golden Lion filled with Americana, Blues, Soul, Reggae, Ska, and Balkan music.

Golden Lion Address: 244 Gloucester Road, BS7 8NZ

19. Crofters Rights

Right in the middle of Stokes Croft, the Crofters Rights has an incredible range of craft beer, brilliant pizza and an awesome dance floor to sample.

The Crofters Rights Address: 117-119 Stokes Croft, BS1 3PY

20. The Drapers Arms


Bristol’s first micro brewery is an independent alehouse with just one room that can hold just 40 people. There’s no lager, Guiness or jager bombs there. Go here for a lovely chat.

Drapers Arms address:No: 447 on the Gloucester Road

21. Coronation Tap

coronation tap

This one’s up in Clifton and can cause a horrendous hangover. There’s jazz and the most famous thing of all, the exhibition half pint cider. Pro tip: Don’t try to go in with a large group of males, partner up instead.

22. The Gallimaufry

the gallimaurfy

Via Indies in Bristol

The old Galli. Right near the bottom of Gloucester Road, it’s picturesque, has marvelous drinks & food and yet always has free music during the week.

The Gallimaufry Address: 26/28, Gloucester Road, BS7 8AL

23. The Spotted Cow

the spotted cow

Another North Street pub that has quality drinks, great food and a fabulous beer garden. Make sure you try the pub quiz here on a Tuesday, one team once won £1,000!

Spotted Cow Address: 139 North St, Bedminster, BS3 1EZ

24. Urban Standard

Take your pick of the two Urban Standard locations, you can mozy onto the bottom of Gloucester Road or North Street in Bedminster, literally a Bristol hipster’s paradise! Awesome interior with dim lights and an industrial feel. The draft beer selection is small but well chosen whilst the food is some of the best pub food in Bristol.

Urban Standard Address: 35 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8AD 

25. Highbury Vaults

If you’re on St. Michaels Hill you need to give this place a try. Tiny interior with a snooker table, the garden is spectacular and actually heated so it’s a great visit during the coming winter. Little tip – don’t put any money on the floating lemon, you’ll never win.

Highbury Vaults Address: 164 St Michaels Hill, Bristol, BS2 8DE

26. Love Inn

love inn

Back in the day this place used to be called The Bank. It’s a little more hipster now but if you’re a fan of house music, sexy cocktails and a dashing interior then you’ll enjoy this.

Love Inn address: 84 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY

27. The Wellington 

the wellington

A Bath Ales pub right at the top of Gloucester Road. Does a pretty tasty roast as well!

The Wellington Address: Gloucester Road, Horfield BS7 8UR Bristol

Note.. there are plenty more awesome pubs out there that haven’t been included. Make sure you bash us in the comments for it.

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Why The Bag of Nails Pub Is Amazing



bag of nails

Bag of Nails is one our favourite pubs in Bristol

Affordable ales, cats, board games, a fantastic atmosphere and did we say cats? You more than likely knew about Bristol’s cat cafe, but did you know Bristol has its very own cat pub?

Located on 141, St Georges Road in Hotwells. You may end up missing Bag of Nails if you’re not looking out for it.

bag of nails pub

From the sign on the window you quickly get a feel of the kind of establishment legendary barkeep Luke runs here.

bag of nails pub crawls

You should not be entering this place if you’re on your way to the Bunker.

This is further emphasised with no children being allowed in. It’s no place to bring the kids, and it’s soon apparent why.

bag of nails signs

Because it’s filled with kittens! Beautiful kittens and cats are everywhere.

kittens in pubs

Here’s the mother.

cat on bar

And her friend…. sitting on a microwave.

cat on microwave

You won’t find lager in this pub. It’s ale all the way and it’s damn tasty.

bag of nailes ale

There’s also some brilliant music here. You can use Bag of Nails’ vinyl player to select from an array of quality records.

bag of nails vinyl

But… there are many rules, each one better than the last.

bag of nails rules

Such as ‘if you don’t like Johnny Cash, shut up or go away’.

So many rules it needs two sides…

bag of nails rules other side

There’s also hundreds of different games you can play. Most of them we have never heard of…

bag of nails games

But above all it’s just a really, really, really nice place for a pint.

bag of nails customers

We couldn’t recommend Bag of Nails more, it’s an amazing bar to drink in Bristol. The staff & locals are great characters, the cats are unbelievably cute and the music is superb.

Give this pub a visit… as long as you’re not on a stag do, on the way to the Bunker, with kids, or just a general piss kidney because the owner will throw you straight out.

While you’re at it why don’t you give them a like on their Facebook page?

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Rated out of cleanliness, size, comfort and decoration with a blurb at the end about the overall toilet experience.

The best in Bristol is currently Hi Brazil at 4/5:

“A diamond amongst the rough. Located out of the way up the stairs. Pristinely kept with good quality basins and loos. They are of a good size, so there is no issue of crumbling under several eyes looking at your piece. They are comfortable toilets. Due to size you can do your business in peace , and it is beautifully decorated with a modern art deco feel.”

Whilst The Canteen stands bottom at 1.5/5:

“These toilets aren’t the best. The graffiti on the wall makes you almost intimidated to have a wee. They are very small and prone to queues, with the likelihood you  will be standing shoulder to shoulder with someone when having doing your business. The toilets looks like they have been vandalised by a youth gang. Overall bad experience.”

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