29 Famous People From Bristol


Bristol actors, musicians and porn stars.

As a pretty awesome city Bristol has it’s fair share of famous Bristolians. We take a look at the most famous people who were born in and around Bristol.

1. Russell Howard

Comedian Russell was born in Bristol. Eventually he even studied economics at UWE.

2. Banksy


Still unconfirmed on who Banksy actually is, but a recent Daily Mail report has him supposively as a former pupil at the public Bristol Cathedral School.

3. Stephen Merchant

Merchant’s career actually began performing stand up comedy at Bristol’s own Comedy Box.

4. James May

James May GIF

The former Top Gear presenter was born back in 1963 in Bristol.

5. Maisie Williams

maisie williams

Star of Game of Thrones, Maisie was born in Bristol before moving to Bath. She’s now regularly seen out and about at various Bristol nights out.

6. Ben Collins, aka The Stig

The Stig

‘The White Stig’ was born in Bristol, but ended up spending the first 10 years of his life in California.

7. Massive Attack

massive attack

One of the most famous artists from Bristol, Massive Attack have been going strong since 1988 and made their return to the Bristol music scene during their amazing Clifton Down gig in 2016.

8. Hannah Murray

hannah murray

Best known for playing Cassie in Bristol based Skins and now Gilly in Game of Thrones. Hannah’s parents actually work at Bristol University.

9. Stephen Lansdown

Co-Founder of Hargreaves and Lansdown, and also one of the major shareholders of Bristol City Football Club, Bristol Rugby, and Bristol Flyers. He’s basically pretty minted.

10. Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson’s fantastic Bristolian voice was a fantastic addition to Big Brother 2010, in particular her amazing ‘face ripped off by a chimpanzee’ moment.

11. Judd Trump

Judd Trump

Born in 1989, Bristol’s most famous snooker player has hit more than 450 century breaks during his career.

12. Justin Lee Collins

Justin Lee Collins Bristol

Hailing down from Southmead, Bristol. Justin’s fallen on err, hard times recently.

13. Lee Evans

Lee Evans Bristol

Hailing from Avonmouth, he and his family left Bristol when he was 12 to move to Essex.

14. Cathy Barry

Cathy Barry

One of the UK’s most famous pornstars and she hails from little old Bristol. If you’ve ever seen one of her movies, that becomes apparent immediately.

15. Roni Size

Roni Size

Drum and Bass DJ who rose to prominence in 1997 as the founder of Reprazent.

16. Ian Holloway

‘Ollie’ has one of the most spectacular Bristolian accents that you’ll hear on TV. He’s a Kingswood native, where he grew up in a council house which his mother still currently lives in.  

17. Damien Hirst

Bristol born Hirst, is reportedly the UK’s richest living artist.

18. Marcus Trescothick

marcus Trescothick

Marcus represented Somerset County Cricket since 1993.

19. J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling Bristol

J.K. Rowling was born in Yate, just outside of Bristol, a few miles south of a town called Dursley (yep, those Dursleys). Her father also an engineer for Rolls Royce in Bristol.

20. David Prowse

david prowse

Bodybuilder, weightlifter and probably best known for playing Darth Vader in the original Star Wars movies. David was also the original Green Cross Code man.

21. John Cleese

john cleese

Born in Weston (that basically counts) Cleese is actually a Bristol City FC fan. He even had an exhibition at Clifton College when he was 13.

22. Cary Grant

cary grant

Might be one most famous Bristolians of all time. Cary was a definitive leading man in Hollywood during its classical era. Born in Horfield he eventually became an American citizen in 1942.

23. Portishead


A fantastic Bristol band named after the nearby town Portishead.

24. John Challis

john challis

John Challis is best known for playing Aubrey “Boycie” Boyce in the BBC series Only Fools and Horses, and the lesser known spin-off The Green Green Grass. Good Bristol lad.

25. Eats Everything

eats everything

Since the huge ‘Entrance Song’ came out in 2011, Dan Pearce aka. Eats Everything has risen to become one of the biggest DJs in the UK. He even played a set in a Bristol chip shop a couple of years back.

26. Gary Mabbutt

gary mabbutt

Ex-Spurs and Bristol Rovers. He was capped more times for England than any other Bristolian footballer.

27. Sir Bernard Lovell

sir bernard

Born at Oldland Common, Bristol back in 1913. Sir Bernard Lovell was an English physicist and radion astronomer. He was the leader of the team that built (at the time) the larest radiotelescope int eh world – the Jodrell Bank telescope. Sadly he passed in 2012 at the age of 98.

28. Colin Trevor Pillinger

Born in Kingswood, Colin was a famous English planetary scientist. He was actually the principal investigator for the infamous Beagle 2 Mars lander. Has also sadly passed in 2014 at the age of 70.

29. Jacob Anderson

grey worm

Best known for playing Grey Worm in Game of Thrones, Anderson has also starred in Broadchurch and is a pretty decent singer as well.


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74 Things To Do On Gloucester Road


There’s loads to do on Gloucester Road

1. Sit in the beer garden of the Prince of Wales with a pint of Gem

prince of wales

2. Grab a Grecian and have an quick rave

3. Get some awesome fish and chips at Soul Fish

soul fish bristol

4. Have a lovely wheat beer and some sexy meat at Urban Standard

5. Get a hipster hair cut from ‘Mack Daddys

Mack Daddys

6. Get all the penny sweets from Gloucester Road’s best sweet shop – ‘Scrumptiously Sweet


7. Buy some new age things from Katze’

Katze Gloucester road

8. Sample some Korean food from Dain Korea

Dain Korea Gloucester road

9. Get a classic barbering ‘do’ at Francos

Barbering at Francos

10. Grab a flat white from Spicer and Cole

spicer and cole

11. Take on ‘The Kraken’ at the Hob Goblin

the kraken hob goblin

12. Buy a jumper with a wolf on it from Repsycho

repyscho gloucester road

13. Enjoy the Bristol sun at the Blue Lagoon before later watching some live music

blue lagoon

14. Eat some of the awesome ‘Galli’ plates and sink a pint at The Gallimaufry

the gali Gloucester road

15. Have a look at this brilliant graffiti on Claremont Road

Gloucester road graffiti

16. Get some home brew supplies from Brewers Droop

brewers drop

17. Load up on fireworks and ‘cream’ supplies at the Fireworks shop….

the fireworks shop Gloucester road

18. Draw a pretty picture when you get some art supplies at Art @ Bristol…

art @ bristol

19. Buy some books at ‘Books for Amnesty’ and do a little good

books for amnesty

20. Buy nothing but natural & organic wholefoods at ‘ScoopAway

scoop away

21. Eat everything on the mouthwatering deli counter of ‘The olive shed shop

the oliver shed shop

22. Buy some Hare Krishna stuff from ‘Tulasi Gift Shop’

tulasi gift shop

23. Look like you’ve been to India recently and buy a new rug from ‘Shanti’


24. Grab a nectarine from ‘Gloucester Road Fruits’

Gloucester Road Fruit Shop

25. If it’s a Saturday grab a gorgeous burger from ‘Murray’s butchers‘ bbq

Gloucester road butchers

26. Eat an absolutely scrumptious breakfast and drink a marvellous smoothie from ‘Cafe Ronak’

Cafe Ronak
Via Facebook

27. Tackle ‘The Fabulous McLovin’ at Atomic Burger

Meat meat meatttttt @atomicburger #meat #burgers

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28. Have a slice of pizza from Planet Pizza

planet pizza Gloucester road

29. Have an Indian BBQ.. live at your table at ‘Food Nation

food nation Gloucester road

30. Buy a ridiculous outfit at ‘Poppers The Party Shop’ and make your way to the Harbourside for your stag/hen do

poppers the party shop

 31. Sit in the beer garden at ‘The Flyer’

32. Sip a spritzer in the brilliant beer garden of ‘The Grace’

the grace bristol

33. Get a new broom from ‘Bishopston Hardware & D.I.Y Centre’

bishopston hardware shop

34. Eat one of the best bagels you’ll ever have at ‘Bagel Boy

bagel boy Gloucester road

35. Nibble some cake from… ‘CAKE

Gloucester road cake

36. Devour some Bristol tapas at ‘Zazu’s Kitchen’

zazus kitchen

37. Sit down and have an unbelievable wrap from ‘Biblos on the Hill’

biblos on the hill

38. Gobble down one of the best burgers in Bristol at ‘Ciao Burger’

ciao burger

39. Pick up some celery from ‘Pawson’s’


40. Drink with Bristol Rovers fans at the ‘Venus Bar’

venus bar

41. Get some new curtains at ‘Marialina


42. Check out some local Bristol artists at ‘room 212

room 212

43. Join the Bishopston mums and buy some new children’s shoes from ‘Odd Sox

odd sox

44. Buy some streaky bacon from ‘Dave Giles Butchers’….and also stick around and have a look at the fabulous graffiti on their shutters

dave giles butchers

44. Have a coffee and talk to some Christians at ‘Fresh Ground Cafe’

fresh ground cafe bristol

45. Sample a full English breakfast at this classic greasy spoon ‘Metro Cafe’

metro cafe Gloucester road

46. Play some Yu-Gi-Oh! at ‘Area 51′

area 51 Gloucester road

47. Rent out ‘The Chimp House’

the chimp house bar

48. Pick up a chicken from ‘W.G Stutt & Son’

wg stutt son

49. Eat some of the best made bread in town at ‘Joe’s Bakery’

A post shared by Art Bristow (@tesla_moth) on


50. Quickly get your nails done at ‘Icon Beauty’

icon beauty

51. Watch some rock and or roll at ‘The Golden Lion’

Guys, remember that we are spending the month of February showing Gloucester Road some well earned appreciation and attention! We want you to get out there and take photos of Gloucester Road and show off the country’s largest collection of independants! We’re working with all kinds of cool cats to offer lots of prizes to people sharing their experiences! 🙌🏼 • We want you to share your favourite parts of Gloucester Road, whether that’s an art piece, a certain drink or meal, a shop, a person. Anything. The only way you’ll be in the running for prizes is by using #igersloveGloucesterRoad, so be sure to add it to any photos you share and ones you’ve already posted! ———————————————– This photo was shared by @sirchristoffofswashington and he says “Growing up around Gloucester Road is one of my fondest memories.” • Last thing, follow the link on our profile where you’ll find 74 things to do on Gloucester Road by @bestofbristol. If that doesn’t inspire you, nothing will! 😀 ———————————————– Shared by moderator @antimitch! 🤙🏼

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52. Pick up a single origin coffee from ‘Boston Tea Party’

boston tea party gloucester road

53. Eat some of the best fish and chips in Bristol from ‘Bishopston Fish Bar’

bishopston fish bar

54. Walk into ‘Bob’s Best’ and discover an electric shop that is still selling VCRs and Walkmans

bob's bar

55. Buy some ‘ruskie pierogi’ from this Polish shop

polish shop gloucester road

56. Visit the ’emporium of delights’ at ‘Bliss’

bliss Gloucester road

57. Pick up a marrow from ‘Five-a-Day’

five a day fruit shop

58. Grab a very sexy takeaway from ‘Food Box’

food box Gloucester road

59. Pop into ‘The Anchor’ for 2 4 1 cocktails

the anchor bristol

60. Buy some unusual furniture from ‘The Reclaimers’

61. Smoke some shisha at ‘hookah shisa garden’

hookah shisha garden

62. Eat the awesome ‘Lounge Breakfast’ at ‘Tinto Lounge

tinto lounge

63. Pick up a pickle at the best named fruit shop on Gloucester Road – ‘Three Wise Monkeys’

three wise monkeys fruit

64. Support St Peter’s Hospice by grabbing a coffee from ‘Nonesuch Cup

nonesuch cup

65. Eat one of the best sandwiches in Bristol at ‘Mad About Sarnies’

mad about sarnies

66. Get an all day breakfast and a Sunday roast at ‘International Cafe’

international cafe Gloucester road

67. Drop your kids off at ‘Soft Play’

soft play bristol

68. Stop by the famous sign


69. Have a quick pint in The Wellington

The local was looking mighty inviting this evening!

A post shared by Andy Norman (@__normandy__) on

70. Have a coffee & gelato at ‘Seeb’

gelato Gloucester road

71. Sample some pork and cider at ‘Royal Oak’

royal oak gloucester road

72. Get all of your Vietnamese needs at the ‘Vietnamese Supermarket’


73. Discover a little bit of Vietnam at ‘Lost in Saigon’


74. Eat some ridiculously exotic burgers at M.J. Dalton Butchers… including horse!

exotic burgers bristol

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15 Things You May Not Know About The Canteen


The Canteen, Bristol

Canteen Banksy

Now an institution of Stokes Croft, The Canteen is most commonly known for being the place where you’ll find the famous ‘Mild Mild West’ Banksy, some unusual Stokes Croft characters and an assortment of pretty tasty music. We spoke to Jamie Pike, one of its co-founders to find out just a little bit more about The Canteen.

1. What inspired The Canteen?

The Canteen came from a need for the Coexist project in Hamilton House to have a place to eat, drink and be merry. We imagined what kind of place we would like to go to at different times of the day and night and the vision for the Canteen was born! We wanted a place where we could eat delicious, locally sourced, globally inspired food without bankrupting ourselves. We wanted a place that sold great local beers and ciders and stocked our favourite teas, spirits and wines. And we wanted to hear brilliant live music every night for free…somehow we managed to get close. 

The canteen terrace bristol

2. When did The Canteen first open?

The Canteen first opened for my birthday 30th July 2009.

Canteen before it opened
Canteen before it opened…. note the surprisingly disapproving signs

3. How many beers are on tap and what’s the best drink you have to try?

There are 10 beers on tap, whilst you need to try Sharps Cornish Lager – voted best lager in the world this year! 

canteen beers

4. What’s behind the name?

Its because Hamilton House is an old office building and it is essentially the “Canteen” for the building. 

canteen outside

5. Who runs The Canteen?

We have an amazing team headed up in the front of house by Carolyn Hegg, and Christabel Courtauld in the kitchen. 

6. Why did you open in Stokes Croft?

When I was setting up the Coexist project we needed a place to eat, drink and be merry…so more about creating a link between Stokes Croft and Hamilton House.  


7. Favourite thing about Bristol?

The high concentration of open creative souls and the way that if you have a good idea in Bristol people really want to you realise your dream.

canteen bristol map8. What inspired the decor?

My brother Matt takes all the credit for that. He is an artist at heart and wanted to create a space in which everyone would feel relaxed, at home and a part of a buzzing community. 

canteen music

9. Who was the first act to play the Canteen?

My dear old friend Jack Pescod.

10. Any famous visitors?

Roger Waters from Pink Floyd playing on a Thursday lunchtime was memorable and Nigel Slater enjoyed dinner here.

11. Favourite character that pops into The Canteen? 

Not John The Baptist! Probably the Misfits Theatre Company.

12. Best moment for The Canteen?

That’s a hard question. Every time there is a really diverse crowd in, eating, drinking, dancing and being merry.

canteen dancing

13. Worst moment?

Bleeding madman throwing furniture and threatening to cut people on the front deck? Don’t worry, he hasn’t been back!

canteen dog
Attacker probably not pictured….

14. Craziest moment?

When we had an interactive comedy dance troop called Impermanence gyrating on the tables in sequins. 

canteen impermance

15. And any other things about The Canteen that people don’t know?

We are the proud holders of a three star award from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, their highest rating. Oh and its founding directors still can’t afford to buy a house in Bristol…

A big thanks to Lilja Photography for the spectacular Canteen photos. 

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10 Alternatives Now St Paul’s Carnival Is Cancelled


St. Paul’s Carnival may be cancelled but there’s plenty to do instead

St Paul’s has been cancelled because of ‘ongoing challenges’ faced by the organisers. There will be a much smaller indoor event in September but nothing like the usual shenanigans. But all is not lost! There’s actually lots going on around Bristol so you can have just as good a time as you would have. Here’s 10 things you can do in Bristol instead of the St Paul’s Carnival.

1. Interrupt a news report about the cancellation of St Paul’s Carnival.

2. Go to Rice & Things on Stokes Croft and eat a Goat Curry.

Rice and things Bristol

Although not as adventurous as sampling goat curry from someone’s back garden, Rice & Things probably makes the best one in Bristol.

3. Sink a Red Stripe in The Criterion.

The Criterion

Sure it’s a bit dodgy looking on the outside, but rest assured it’s a magical wonderland on the inside.

4. Drink lots of cider at Bristol Harbour Festival from July 17th to 19th.

bristol harbour festival
Via Flickr

Probably one of the biggest events in Bristol. Running for 3 days they’ll be lots of music, drinking, heaps of food and a lot of rowdy youths.

5. Unwind with a quick massage in Stokes Croft.

Stokes Croft Massage Club
Via Flickr

Maybe not.

6. See lots of graffiti at Upfest, July 25 to 27.

Upfest Bristol
Via. Flickr

After a successful kickstarter campaign, Europe’s largest Street Art & Graffiti festival is back this year with 250 artists painting 28 venues throughout Bedminster & Southville, Bristol.

7. Listen to some Laid Blak and wander around Portland Square.

Because that’s pretty much what happens every year.

8. Start a new carnival in the Bearpit.

Bristol Morris Dancers In The Bear Pit

Go the full hog and make it a strictly Morris Dancing affair.

9. Eat all the meat at Bristol Grillstock Festival on July 11th – 12th.

grill stock bristol festival

Get your meat solution from the BBQ heavy Grillstock Festival. Filled with even more delicious music such as De La Soul & Goldie Looking Chain, tickets are running low so get one soon.

10. Have a quick rave on Turbo Island

Just incase you miss the drum n bass.

Whatever you do, just make sure it involves eating a little bit of jerk chicken, drinking a red stripe and wandering around St. Paul’s.

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18 Brilliant Things Spotted In Bristol


There’s always lots of unusual stuff spotted in Bristol

Have you ever walked through Bristol and seen something ridiculous? Like a stag do gone wrong, a bloke in a bathtub in Stokes Croft, an unusual busker? We take a look at 18 brilliant things spotted in Bristol.

1. A drive through ATM on Corn Street

Corn Street ATM
Via. Imgur

2. This bloke hurting Stokes Croft’s clean cut image

Man in a bath in Stokes Croft
Via. Catriona R MacKenzie Glass

3. Advertising Armani In St. Pauls

Advertising Armani In St. Pauls
Via. Imgur

4. The time a child’s car got taken in for repair

Car Lorry Bristol
Via. Spotted Bristol

5. One of the best pieces of Bristol graffiti ever

Bristol Penis Graffiti

6. Stag do victim outside of the Arnos Manor hotel

Clingfilm man bristol
Via. Spotted Bristol

7. The best Bristol City Council sign ever

Bristol City Council Warning
Via. Imgur

8. Man getting a quick sleep in Costco

Costco Sleep
Via. Spotted Bristol

9. The brilliance of Turbo Island captured in one photo.

The brilliance of Turbo Island captured in one photo

10. A big massive kinder egg in College Green

Kinder Egg College Green
Via. Natalie Fee

11. Tuesday morning Oompa loompa

Oompa loompa Bristol

12. This guy who proposed to his girlfriend in Millennium Square

Bristol Wedding Proposal

13. Amazing windows during the ‘Window Wanderland’Window Wanderland

14. Getting a quick sleep on the table tennis table in the Bearpit

Bear Pit Table Sleep
Via. Instagram 

15. This bloke advertising his drawings by wearing them in the Bearpit.Bear pit man

16. Jet packs in the Harbourside

17. One of the best Bristol buskers

18. This Bristol Google Street View capture of a very sleepy bicyclist.

Bristol google street view
Via. Imgur

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10 Awesome Things About The Swan With Two Necks


The Weird & Wonderful World of The Swan With Two Necks

Have you ever passed a pub on a side road and said ‘this place looks like a right local pub’. Well The Swan with Two Necks is the definition of one of these little unknown places. Located in St. Judes on Little Ann Street, we accidently stumbled upon this place on a Friday night and this was a truly epic discovery. Here are 10 of the reasons why this place is absolutely awesome.

1. The name: The Swan With Two Necks

Swan with two necks Bristol

2. There’s Natch on tap.

Natch Bristol

3. The array of snacks available.

Swan with two necks snacks

Peperamis and cockles in the same place for god sake!

4. It’s sophisticated…. but only to a point.

Swan with two necks sign

5. They’ve even got pickled eggs.

Pickled Eggs Bristol

Not just any picked eggs mind, pub style pickled eggs.

6. House doubles are just £2.50. AND that includes a free pump mixer….

House doubles Bristol

7. The bomb offers are extensive and also just £2.50.

bomb offers Bristol

Have you ever had a nut bomb or a port bomb?

8. The chalk writing is phenomenal. Bristol Bar Sign

By the way you should like them on Facebook. Go on, they’ve only got 70 likes but deserve so much more!

9. There’s probably the best karaoke in Bristol.

Bristol karaoke

10. And the BEST dancing from the BEST locals in Bristol.

Go on… give them a cheeky visit, you won’t forget it!

Have you got a local Bristol favourite pub that’s worth us visiting? Drop us an email to and let us know why!


15 Things You’ll Find In The Bearpit


It’s not all just people drinking.

Long neglected, the Bearpit has had a serious injection of funding over the last couple of years to begin slowly rejuvenating. The Bearpit Improvement Group are attempting to turn an area which people traditionally dreaded walking through, for fear of its Frosty Jacks wielding reprobates, into a fruit consuming, morris dancing bastion of Bristolian happiness. This vision has yet to become a complete reality, but it’s not done half bad so far….

1. Ursa.

Created by local artist Jamie Gillman this majestic 12ft sculpture greets commuters and Primarni revellers after a long hard day in Bristol city center. Fantastically it’s yet to be vandalised.

The Bear Pit Bear

 2. One of Bristol’s best fruit and veg shops.

From Bear Fruit Bristol, you can actually get your 5 a day without consuming a mountain of kale or breaking the bank. £1 for 5 pieces of fruit? Beats Tesco where you’ll struggle to get an apple for less than 50p.

Bear Pit Fruit
Bear Pit Fruit Stall

3. The happiest busker in Bristol.

Playing a jovial tune on his accordion, you’ll always be greeted with a smile and a big hello from this guy.

Bear Pit Busker

4. Morris dancers.

Okay you might not see this regularly, but this occasionally happens.

Bristol Morris Dancers In The Bear Pit

5. The amazing Bearpit sign

It’s a pretty darn good sign. Now if they could just make the toilets less like a scene from a crime drama than that would be great.

Bear Pit Sign

6. Table tennis

Admittedly this is no Kongs of Kings Street, but if you want a free game of table tennis get your blades out and head to the Bearpit.

Bear Pit Table Tennis

Ideally when it’s not being used as a place to pass out on.

Bear Pit Table Sleep

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7. Lovely street art

The board’s regularly get repainted into awesome street art pictures like those below. You have to make sure you see them quickly before the next point happens though.

Bear Pit Street Art

8. Lovely street art ruined by awful graffiti tagging

Could someone explain the point of tagging? Is there a master graffiti artist going around looking to take on his next apprentice based on the ability of a track suit wearing tool to write his own name in marker pen over something that it actually took some talent to create?

Bristol Minions Graffiti

9. Lovely art installations

Created by Hand In Glove, a group of artists and curators based in Bristol, this Pavilion looks great and has been used as a space where you can make crafts and eat cake! What could go wrong?

Bear Pit Art
(c) Hannah Clark

10. Lovely art installations occupied.

As the old saying goes, ‘throw a good looking art installation into the Bearpit and watch it get slept in.’ There’s not much arts and crafts happening within the Pavilion anymore as it’s currently being occupied by some of the Bearpit’s finest residents.

Bear Pit Buskers

11. History lessons.

This amazing piece on the the Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963 sits around on the Beefeater side of the Bearpit. Somehow it’s escaped the fate of other pieces in the Bearpit so try and see this before it’s ruined.

Bear Pit Bus

12. All night raves.

Who said the Bearpit is intimidating?

Bear Pit Rave

13. Unusual marketing.

Like this guy…. Dressed in his own drawings attempting to sell it, unique marketing.

Bear Pit Selling

14. An old school Bristol double decker bus that sells Mexican food.

Literally hoisted into the Bearpit, Burritos won the licence for this 1970s Bristol bus and have been an incredibly tasty addition to the Bearpit.

Bearpit Crane
Bearritos Bus

15. Some of the best coffee in Bristol

Brian Wogan wielding Bearpit Social. These guys do a mean coffee for a reasonable price so they’re a much better shout than the big chains. Plus you can live the Bristol dream by kicking back and people watch the unusual residents of the Bearpit whilst sipping a Flat White, what’s better than that?

Bearpit Social
Bearpit Social

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12 Things You May Not Know About The Apple


Kings of Bristol cider

Located just off of Kings Street and created from a beautifully converted Dutch barge, The Apple has to be visited if you fancy one of best ciders in Bristol. Although if you’re after a black on black (blackthorn and blackcurrant) you’ll be sorely disappointed. We caught up with Rory Wills of The Apple to discover 13 things you might not know about The Apple.

1. Why did you start The Apple?

There was a bit of a gap in the market for a good cider bar in Bristol back in 2006. This was at the beginning of what turned out to be a big boom in the cider trade. The idea existed before we discovered the boat, and when we saw what a unique venue this could be, we went for it. Needless to say, we have since created quite a unique offering and venue in the cider capital of the world.

2. How many ciders are on tap?

We currently have 8 ciders on tap. We would love to have more, but we don’t have any more space!

3. What was the boat before The Apple?

Before The Apple took the boat on, it used to be a private members club.

4. Why did you open on the river?

We didn’t have much choice as we can’t move the boat! But we thought the riverside setting would prove to be a popular choice with customers. Turns out that we were right!

5. What’s behind the decor?

The decor comes in two forms really. Downstairs, we try to stay true to the maritime theme of our venue, so that when customers go downstairs they are very much aware they are on a Boat. Upstairs and outside is more ‘Agricultural’. We try to use a cider farming/rural theme to remind customers of where we go to get a lot of our ciders from.

6. Drink that you have to try?

Tractor Fuel- our world famous drink. Riches Medium farmhouse cider with a dash of ginger beer and a squeeze of lime. You can’t beat it!

The Apple Tractor Fuel Cider Bristol

7. Food that you have to try?

Our Ploughman’s lunches are available every day of the week throughout the summer. They’re incredibly popular!
The Apple Ploughmans Lunch

8. Best moment in The Apple’s history?

Winning Best Cider Bar in the UK 2014. That was pretty mad! Fingers crossed that we can win it this year too!

9. Worst moment?

 Summer 2012. Possibly the worst summer we’ve ever had. It actually rained every day.

10. Future plans for The Apple?

 We’re considering going down the events route, but other than that, we’ll just keep on doing what we’re good at!

11. How many ciders have you sold since you’ve opened?

I really struggle to think of how many ciders we have sold over 9 years…but I know that in April 2015 we sold around 17,000 pints of cider. (That’s not including bottles!) So i’m guessing well over a million pints of cider over the last 9 years or so!
The old Bristolian cider

12. Where do you go when The Apple shuts?

King street! There’s some incredible pubs down there now and a great atmosphere. Definitely our new fave.
 Fancy some cider then? Get down to The Apple, Welsh Back, Bristol, BS1 4SB.
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St Paul’s Carnival Postponed Until September

St Pauls Carnival

St Paul’s Carnival Delayed

Usually held in the first weekend of July, Bristol’s St Paul’s Carnival has sadly been delayed until at least September.

The new organisers released this statement: 

“Due to circumstances beyond our control it is with regret that we have had to make the decision to postpone the main Carnival day until September. This is due to ongoing challenges regarding the event management of what is one of Europe’s biggest Afrikan Caribbean street Carnivals.”

Founded in 1968 as St Paul’s Festival to bring the European, African-Caribbean and Asian communities living in the area together.  It has become one of Europe’s largest Afrikan Caribbean street carnivals and is normally held in July, although it has previously been cancelled in 2002, 2006 and 2012.  Here’s hoping it will still go ahead this year.

Bristol UKIP Candidate Is Porn Star

UKIP John Langley

Stop Everything, UKIP do porn!

Bristol Stockwood’s UKIP candidate and vice chairman of the party in Bristol, John Langley has admitted he’s a porn star veteran.

Mr. Langley aka. ‘Johnny Rockard’ was happy to confirmed he’s appeared and produced loads of X-rated films, including classics such as:

“A Fistful of Scholars”- Controversially Shot on University campus’


‘The Real 50 Shades of Johnny Rockard Meeting Lahna Fae”

A spokesperson for UKIP obviously said they were always aware of Rockard’s productions and fully supported him. What kind of boring council candidate doesn’t have a history of porn exactly?

Mr. Langley was quoted:

“We in UKIP represent the ordinary working-class person who will go to the pub, they will read The Sun and they will look at adult entertainment.”

That’s fair enough then.

We’ve just got one important question that needs to be answered above all else. Has he worked with Cathy Barry?

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