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55 Hipster Things To Do in Bristol



There’s almost too much to do as Bristol Hipster

We’ve all seen them. Riding their fixy through Stokes Croft, dropping their laundry off @ At The Well, picking up a soya latte from Cafe Kino, popping in for a cheeky haircut at Shambarber before cooling down with an organic scrumpy from the Canteen. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! The hipster places in Bristol are actually pretty good, sometimes you just need some alternative Bristol tourist information and here you can discover a whole 55 different hipster things you can do in Bristol.

1. Park your penny farthing outside of the Apple Store

 2. Stop for a drink in the Spotted Cow

3. Visit the Hipster dog

4. Get your laundry done At The Well in Stokes Croft

5. Pick up a soya latte or a vegan milkshake from Cafe Kino in Stokes Croft

6. Pop into the Canteen and get a little bit of work done… or play a quick game of Table Tennis on a break.

The canteen terrace bristol

It’s also a pretty 1 of the pretty good places to eat in Bristol

7. Get the latest cut from the lovely folks at Shambarber. It will probably only take 13 minutes of disco and you’ll be ready for Shapes in the evening.


 8. Shop in That Thing. Now moved… down the road in Stokes Croft

shop dutty

9. Pick up an Ackee from Bear Fruit Bristol. That or just 5 fruits for a quid

Bear Pit Fruit Stall

10. Grab some Mexican food from an old Bristol bus and exclaim ‘isn’t the Bearpit just the cultural centre of the South West’?

Bearritos Bus

11. Paul Kalkbrenner bonus: Squeeze in a quick game of table tennis in the middle of the Bearpit

Bear Pit Table Tennis

12. Try on some wares in Loot 

loot shop front

13. Grab a Flat White from Small St. Espresso

14. Sip a black coffee from Full Court Press. From an Aeropress of course

15. Go absolutely mad with the street food choice at St. Nicholas Market

16. Admire the latest exhibition at The Arnolfini

17. Try the 4 way sampler of craft beer at BrewDog… or these ones

18. Munch on 241 burgers at Start The Bus… but only on a Tuesday


20. Get one of the finest steaks in Bristol at The Ox.

21. Pop into Wiff Waff on Baldwin Street. Grab a skinny macchiato and blast a child at table tennis

22. Do some yoga, and play more table tennis at Club Haus – Welshback

club haus bristol

23. Drink one of the 8 ciders on tap at The Apple

The Apple Bristol

24. Play some Street Fighter 2 and yes… more table tennis at Kongs of Kings Street

Kongs Table Tennis Bristol

25. Sample some of the finest Azerbaijani jazz at the Old Duke

26. Drink a tiny but very strong little craft beer at Small Bar

27. Pop up to St. Michaels Hill, on the way grab a vanilla frappuccino from the Workhouse Cafe

28. Eat a pizza and sip a craft beer from Beerd. There’s even some with gherkins on!

29. Munch on a homemade sausage roll in The Highbury Vaults sexy garden

30. Get a British Banger from the Clifton Sausage

31. Drink some ridiculously strong cider from the Coronation Tap… you won’t remember what happened

32. Have some of the ‘coolest’ beer in town at Zerodegrees

33. Go this secret little place called Hyde & Co

34. Hey have you heard about this other secret place called The Milk Thistle?

35. Yep, but there’s an even more secret place called Redlight

36. Pick up a copy of Crack Magazine and find out the latest about post nu wave dub-techno

37. Like the Crack? Well pop down to Christmas Steps and take the Crack Music quiz

38. Eat, Drink & Dance it up at the Love Inn

40. Find a night where Shapes are playing. Bosses of Bristol’s house music, their nights rival anyones in Bristol

41. Go to one of the many In:Motion nights this season

42. Do a Just Jack night. Halloween is always recommended

43. Have a look at your fellow bearded barmen at the Old Bookshop and this squirrel

44. Eat chicken wings and play Bristolian lingo bingo at Foozie’s Bingo Wings

Bristol Bingo Wings

45. Eat a horse burger from M.J. Dalton Butcher at the top of Gloucester Road

exotic burgers bristol

46. Drink in a bath on Stokes Croft, because after all bars are overrated these days

Man in a bath in Stokes Croft

47. Dance on Turbo Island, preferably to the latest Levon Vincent release

The brilliance of Turbo Island captured in one photo

48. Watch an underappreciated masterclass of a movie outside at the Bristol Bad Film Club

troll 2 guy

49. Have a lovely wheat beer and some sexy meat at Urban Standard

50. Even though you’ve already been to Shambarber, pop into ‘Mack Daddy’s and make sure you’re still looking flyMack Daddys

51. Buy a sexy jumper with a wolf on it from Repsycho

repyscho gloucester road

52. Go to Brewers Droop and pick up some more brewers supplies for that home brew you’ve almost run out

brewers drop

53. Bagels. Just loads of bloody bagels from Bagel Boy. Did we say bagels?

bagel boy Gloucester road

54. Admire the different tones of the Bristol art at the Fifth Wall

Clifton Suspension Bridge Art

55. Have a pint and pet some cats at Bag of Nails in Hotwells

Cats at Bag of Nails

God speed little hipsters, run free and enjoy Bristol!



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The 20 Best Bristol Street Art Pieces Of 2017




Best Bristol Street Art

It’s been another great year for the local street art scene. Here’s a list of some of the best art from 2017, some of it is still there to view and some has been replaced; all part of the natural evolution of the art form. We were treated to another stellar Upfest festival which is the biggest in Europe and in my opinion the best. Anyway, here is the list. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (@streetartbristol) for many more photos from this year and fresh work as we make our way into 2018. Happy new year!

1. Paul Monsters (@paulmonsters) & Copyright (@copyrightart)

2. 3dom (@3dom22)

3dom street art

3. Liz C Illustration (@lizc_illustration)

liz c

4. Irony (@whoamirony) & Boe (@placee_boe)


5. Kobra (@kobrastreetart)


6. Voyder (@voyder) & 3dom (@3dom22)

voyder street art

7. Woskerski (@woskerski)

Woskerski street art

8. Kristx (@kristx_)

Kristx (@kristx_)

9. Aspire (@aspireartwork) & D7606 (@d7606)


10. N4T4 (@n_4_t_4)


11. Dzia (@dzia)


12. Andrew Burns Colwill (@andrewburnscolwill

andrew burns street art

13. Lemak (@lemak_art)


14. Si2 (@hull_graffiti)

bin street art

15. Melike Painting (@melikepainting) & Nino Viegas (@nunovviegas)

melike painting

16. Bex Glover (@bexgloverart)

17. Unknown Artist

unknown street art

18. Cheo (@cheograff)


19. Louis Masai (@louismasai)

louis masai

20. Angus (@angusart85)




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Bristol’s Hidden Street Art Part 1



Hidden street in Bristol: Shop Shutters

I used to think I kept fully up to speed with the urban art scene in Bristol and knew the majority of locations to find anything of interest. Then one day I went for my usual wander around Bedminster and realised this wasn’t totally the case. This did happen to be 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning so more importantly what the hell was I doing up and out at that time?! This was during the week before Upfest 2017 so I wanted to make sure I had photos of all the pieces soon to be lost.

All along North Street was art I hadn’t seen before; on shop shutters! I probably had seen a couple of them on a previous weekend wander but there were maybe 6 or 7 completely new to me, some more classical graffiti and some more so ‘street art’ by brilliant artists. This started a quest to walk around my usual graff/art spots of the city on weekends or after closing times to see what other art was waiting for me. Here’s is some of what I found.

1. Andy Council (@andycouncil) – North Street, Bedminster

andy council

2.  Dan Leo (@danleodesign) – Stokes Croft

dan leo

3. Sled One (@sledone) & Smak (@smaktown) – Moon Street, Stokes Croft

moon street art

4.  Ok so this one isn’t a shop shutter but still deserves a shout. By 3dom (@3dom22) in Brislington/St Annes

3dom street art

5. Alex Lucas aka Lucas Antics (@lucas_antics) at Stokes Croft Vintage Market

lucas antics

Alex has done more recent shutters on North Street that I don’t have a photo of (yet!) but it’s white butterflies on black background, go find it and tag your Instagram photo with #streetartbristol ??

6. Mayflower Chinese Restaurant near bus station, artist unknown

mayflower chinese restaurant

7. Mr Impossible by Loch Ness (@lochnessart) on North Street

8. Jamaican Diner, North Street. Artist unknown

jamican diner street art

9. One of my favourites on North Street is this one by Copyright (@copyrightart)

copyright street art

10. Lokey (@lokey_bristol) at North Street Standard

north street standard street art

11. The Bollywood Beauty Lounge on North Street

bollywood beauty lounge street art

12. Tamrakar on North Street


13. SHAB (@s.h.a.b) at North Street Standard


14. A few doors away from Hamilton House in Stokes Croft

oj street art

15. Dons Car Wash painted by Sepr (@sepr) in St Pauls

dons car wash

16. Another from Stokes Croft

17. Pete’s Barbers, West Street, Bedminster

petes barber

18. Vandal by Nick Walker (@nickwalker_art) on St George’s Road

vandal street art

19. Another Mr Men & Little Miss themed shutter from Upfest 2016

mr man

20. Bird is the word, one on North Street…for a change ?

bird street art

That’s it for this article, part two of the list will be coming your way in the near future. If you enjoyed this please come and follow us on Instagram and tag your Bristol street art pics with our hashtag. Thanks for reading.

Follow us: @streetartbristol

Tag your photos: #streetartbristol 



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Bristol Pub Quizzes



bristol pub quizzes

It’s time for a good old fashioned Bristol pub quiz

There are endless places where you can find some good Bristol pub quizzes. Fridays and Saturdays are unlikely but here are loads of places Sunday – Thursday.

Monday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Tuesday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Wednesday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Thursday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Sunday Bristol Pub Quizzes


Blankety Quiz – Found across Bristol and voted the best pub quiz in Bristol

Got any that we’ve missed? Pop them in the comments below.



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