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68 Bristol Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow



best bristol twitter accounts

Best of Bristol Tweeters

Next time you need to see an awesome photo of the bridge, find out if that new restaurant on Chandos Road isn’t up to scratch, or just need a good laugh then this should help.

1. @NeilJamesB
Takes some of the best and most consistently awesome photos of Bristol.

2. @Bristol52
Innovative account with a different person tweeting from it every week (hence the 52). Want to take part in this unusual experiment?

3. @iBristolPeople
A non stop wealth of Bristol information. Chuck them a mention about Bristol and it will almost certainly be RT’d.

4. @igersbristol

Bristol’s best instagram network. Spruce up the amount of sexy Bristol photos in your feed by giving these guys a follow.

5. @porthjess

The founder of @igersBristol. Takes awesome photos of Bristol with a lot of them featuring all the colours of the rainbow.

6. @pizzarova

Fantastic pizza place in a few locations in Bristol. What makes them worthy of a follow though? The constant pizza giveaways!

7. @Wriggle_Bristol
Straight from the very popular Bristol app. They’ve recently started doing some incredible video content and offering great competitions on Twitter.

8. @JimCossey
Another amazing Bristol photographer, chucking out snaps like this.

9. @brizzlebuff

Infamous Bristol historian, shares classic photos and videos of Bristol like this:

10. @Shonette
One of the best food bloggers in Bristol. Can be found on

11. @NatalieBrereton

Another Bristol foodie… and drinky. Natalie is out a lot in Bristol and is worth following to see what awesome place she pops up in next.

12. @carolinecharles

Knows loads and loads about the Bristol food and drink scene. Funny gal to.

13. @SimpleLampoon
Another brilliant Bristol blogger, this one has best name of them all: Simple Lampoon

14. @GlosRdCentral
If you frequent Gloucester Road, you need to follow this account. Provider of all things Gloucester Road.

15. @BristolMum
Award winning mummy blogger. If you’ve got a kid and like to breast feed, you’d be mad not to follow her.

16. CharlieEsq_

A very good Bristol blogger who you’ll find across a host of sites. Writes some pretty good stuff about the Bristol food scene as well.

17. @MadeInBristol
Showcasing the best of artists & makers. If you like making stuff then they’re for you.

18. @MarkTaylorFood

Probably the most famous food reviewer of all in Bristol. Been doing it for yonks now.

19. @B247Martin
Editor of Bristol 24/7. Unsurprisingly, views are similar to Bristol 24/7.

Tweets made better if read out loud in Sam FM’s voice.

21. @cjcallaghan

Awesome writer about things going on Bristol. Certainly knows a thing or two about Bristol’s food scene as well.

22. @bristol_citizen
Bristol blogger, news related. Bit of a leftie.

23. @whiteladiesrd

Your source for all things happening on Whiteladies Road.

24. @bristol_sport
Anything & everything sport related in Bristol.

25. @bloggersbristol

A network of bloggers in Bristol, worth following to find some of the latest rumblings from Bristol’s well developed blogging network.

26. @WappingWharfBS1 

Go to source for all of the awesome things going on within one of Bristol’s best food and drink areas.

28. @crackmagazine
Art, music, fashion, film etc. Basically a little bit hipster.

29. @saucypans 

Awesome source for all things food related in Bristol… and also Cardiff.

30. @Eats_Everything
Larger than life Bristol DJ who’s now made it pretty big. Also recently did an awesome Boiler Room set live in a Bristol chip shop:

31. @EleanorWi
Bristol blogger who has written most of those Buzzfeed articles about Bristol. Like this one.

32. @welovebristol
Provides people powered news. Mention @welovebristol for an RT.

33. @harbourmarket 

So much food porn from the tasty city centre food market.

34. @veganbristol
A great source for all things vegan in Bristol.

35. @itsgracemary

Writes really awesome reviews of Bristol food and drink establishments.

36. @visitbristol

Bristol’s go to guide for tourism. Lots of epic deals across Bristol.

37. @BristolPost
Always good for breaking news.

38. @MoodyColin 
Takes absolutely fantastic photos of Bristol.

39. @gingeybites

Fantastic Bristol food and drink blogger. Also has one of the best twitter handles n the list.

40. @helpfulpeeps

An online platform that trades in karma. Ask for help on their network and help others whenever you can. Check it out!

41. @eatwalktalk

Posts loads of great things about Bristol’s food and drink scene.

42. @shoplocalbris

All about great Bristol independent traders. We’ve got a lot of them here don’t you know.

43. @BristolThing

Community page with lots of information about stuff going down in Bristol.

44. @FoozieBristol

One stop shop for all of Bristol’s awesome food and drink events. Also runs Bingo Wings, if you’ve never heard of it….hurry up and check it out.

45. @bristollifemag 

One of Bristol’s best magazines. Lot’s of great stuff about what’s going on in Bristol here.

46. @indiesinbristol 

A platform for Bristol’s independent businesses. Worth checking out for some of the great events they run.

47. @olivialovesf00d 

Another fantastic Bristol foodie. There’s really so many in Bristol..

48. @bristolpound 

Remember the Bristol pound? It’s still going you know. Give them a follow and find some more of the many places where you can spend our local currency.

49. @bedminstertt

The best source for all things Bedminster.

50. @PollyAkielan

Another great source for Bristol’s latest openings.

51. @hannahbellaaaa 

Brilliant Bristol photographer who’s now touring elsewhere. Check out her 10 amazing photos Bristol.

52. @whatsonbristol

Regular updates about what is on Bristol. From places to eat to things to do with kids.

53. @theotherbbfc

Welcome to the Bristol Bad Film Club. They put on events with films so bad they’re good around Bristol. Run by Timon Singh, who also runs Bristol Sunset Cinema.

54. @bristolsunset

Similar to above but Bristol sunset actually put on good films in Bristol.

55. @meg_pope 

Seems to know a fair bit about what’s going on in Bristol. Fabulous hair to.

56. @wherethewall

Doing an awesome job promoting some of the best bits of Bristol’s graffiti scene.

57. @stnicksmarket

Possibly Bristol’s best market for everything from food to nik nacks.

58. @jessamy_baldwin 

Covers lots of the goings on within Bristol. A very good writer.

59. @bearpitsocial

A very awesome cafe in the bear pit and great for seeing how they’re trying their best to improve it.

60. @SmileInBristol 

Lot’s of stuff about what’s going down in Bristol. Give them a cheeky tag and they’ll more than likely RT you.

61. @jesscarter 

Editor of crumbs magazine. Lot’s of food porn here.

62. @365Bristol

If you want to find an event and or piece of entertainment in Bristol, 365 Bristol will probably have it.

63. @lilydougball 

A brilliant Bristol blogger who writes about everything from lifestyle, travel and you guessed it – food!

64. @marvinjrees

Current mayor of Bristol. Could do with being a bit more exciting on social media though.

65. @GeorgeFergusonx
Former mayor of Bristol. Slightly rebranded now as ‘people and cities’.

66. @bbcrb 

For a radio company, BBC Radio Bristol’s social media is pretty darn good.

67. @cazarazza 

Works for BBC Radio Bristol and does some awesome musings.

68. @Bristolbestof

Yeah that’s us. We’re not that bad either.

Have we missed and of your favourites? Be sure to complain to us on Twitter @bristolbestof and we may just add them in.



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Bristol Guides

Bristol’s Hidden Street Art Part 1



Hidden street in Bristol: Shop Shutters

I used to think I kept fully up to speed with the urban art scene in Bristol and knew the majority of locations to find anything of interest. Then one day I went for my usual wander around Bedminster and realised this wasn’t totally the case. This did happen to be 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning so more importantly what the hell was I doing up and out at that time?! This was during the week before Upfest 2017 so I wanted to make sure I had photos of all the pieces soon to be lost.

All along North Street was art I hadn’t seen before; on shop shutters! I probably had seen a couple of them on a previous weekend wander but there were maybe 6 or 7 completely new to me, some more classical graffiti and some more so ‘street art’ by brilliant artists. This started a quest to walk around my usual graff/art spots of the city on weekends or after closing times to see what other art was waiting for me. Here’s is some of what I found.

1. Andy Council (@andycouncil) – North Street, Bedminster

andy council

2.  Dan Leo (@danleodesign) – Stokes Croft

dan leo

3. Sled One (@sledone) & Smak (@smaktown) – Moon Street, Stokes Croft

moon street art

4.  Ok so this one isn’t a shop shutter but still deserves a shout. By 3dom (@3dom22) in Brislington/St Annes

3dom street art

5. Alex Lucas aka Lucas Antics (@lucas_antics) at Stokes Croft Vintage Market

lucas antics

Alex has done more recent shutters on North Street that I don’t have a photo of (yet!) but it’s white butterflies on black background, go find it and tag your Instagram photo with #streetartbristol 👍🏻

6. Mayflower Chinese Restaurant near bus station, artist unknown

mayflower chinese restaurant

7. Mr Impossible by Loch Ness (@lochnessart) on North Street

8. Jamaican Diner, North Street. Artist unknown

jamican diner street art

9. One of my favourites on North Street is this one by Copyright (@copyrightart)

copyright street art

10. Lokey (@lokey_bristol) at North Street Standard

north street standard street art

11. The Bollywood Beauty Lounge on North Street

bollywood beauty lounge street art

12. Tamrakar on North Street


13. SHAB (@s.h.a.b) at North Street Standard


14. A few doors away from Hamilton House in Stokes Croft

oj street art

15. Dons Car Wash painted by Sepr (@sepr) in St Pauls

dons car wash

16. Another from Stokes Croft

17. Pete’s Barbers, West Street, Bedminster

petes barber

18. Vandal by Nick Walker (@nickwalker_art) on St George’s Road

vandal street art

19. Another Mr Men & Little Miss themed shutter from Upfest 2016

mr man

20. Bird is the word, one on North Street…for a change 😏

bird street art

That’s it for this article, part two of the list will be coming your way in the near future. If you enjoyed this please come and follow us on Instagram and tag your Bristol street art pics with our hashtag. Thanks for reading.

Follow us: @streetartbristol

Tag your photos: #streetartbristol 



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Bristol Pub Quizzes



bristol pub quizzes

It’s time for a good old fashioned Bristol pub quiz

There are endless places where you can find some good Bristol pub quizzes. Fridays and Saturdays are unlikely but here are loads of places Sunday – Thursday.

Monday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Tuesday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Wednesday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Thursday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Sunday Bristol Pub Quizzes


Blankety Quiz – Found across Bristol and voted the best pub quiz in Bristol

Got any that we’ve missed? Pop them in the comments below.



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Bristol Guides

20 Pieces of Bristol Street Art You Have to See



bristol street art

Best Bristol street art

Bristol has so much to offer us all, including one of the best (if not the best) street art scenes in the UK. People may argue that London’s scene ranks up there but the history of our scene speaks for itself. We already host what must be the best annual street art festival, that being Upfest.

My passion for Street art began around 6 years ago, seeing drab parts of the city awash with colour and creativity struck a chord with me. I then did a street art walking tour with Where The Wall. I was lucky that my guide was called John Nation; I now understand that to be a very important name in the development of the original Bristol graffiti scene and modern street art scene as well. Following this tour I never looked back and continued my interest in graff/street art and other urban arts. This led me to set up the instagram page @streetartbristol.

Whilst the art form itself is famously transient and constantly evolving; some pieces of art have stood the test of time. I would put money on you having seen some of the art in the city, but not all; so here is a list of 20 more-permanent works (in no particular order) worth checking out.

1. El Mac (@mac_arte)

el marte

One of the longer lasting pieces and one of my personal favourites. Painted by El Mac in 2011 at the See No Evil festival (the predecessor to Upfest), this can be found on Nelson Street, a location that shall be mentioned a few times in this article! The picture is based on a photo of his girlfriend and her niece.

2. Inkie (@inkiegraffiti)


Inkie is one of the main players in the Bristol scene from its infancy, you can find many pieces of his throughout the city but I’ve chosen the piece on the side of the Thekla for its unusual location. His work replaced The Grim Reaper by Banksy in 2014, which was removed from the side of the ship and is on display in The M Shed museum.

3. Nick Walker (@nickwalker_art)


Another local guy and early member of the Bristol graff scene alongside people such as 3D from Massive Attack. This can also be seen on Nelson Street from the summer of 2011. It features his character The Vandal.

4. Aryz (@mr_aryz)


More large scale art from See No Evil on Nelson Street. Aryz is a Spanish artist who doesn’t do things by half.

5. Stik (@stikstudio)


To some the work of Stik is more simplistic but it is in no way less effective and it really suits, and unsurprisingly improves, the brutalist building it’s resides on along (you’ve guessed it) Nelson Street.

6. Blek le Rat (@blekleratoriginal)

blek la rat

A global legend in the urban art world, this French stencil artist has a distinct style. He painted earlier in 2017 at an event hosted at The Arnolfini. After this event he went and left his mark on Leonard’s Lane.

7. Nick Walker (@nickwalker_art)

nick walker

I return to Nick to mention a piece that is relatively new to me and may not have been seen by many as its likely only visible for part of the day, it’s on a shop shutter along St George’s Road.

8. Pixel Pancho (@pixelpancho)


An Italian artist whose mechanical beast piece is on the wall of the NCP car park on All Saints’ Street best viewed whilst stood next to the entrance to The Lanes.

9. Phlegm (@phlegm_art)


Phlegm is a Sheffield based artist who has a very distinctive style. This piece is the 3rd incarnation to decorate this house on Hillgrove Street in Stokes Croft. Phlegm originally painted something which was then covered over by the colourful wave by MM13 crew. The man from the steel city subsequently returned the following year to add the character on the left and its remained untouched ever since.

10. Cheo (@cheograff)


Another of the early breed of Bristol artists, who attended Barton Hill youth club with the likes of Inkie, Jody, Shab and some guy called Banksy. This youth club project was run by the Bristol legend that is John Nation. For more on the early days of the scene watch Vandals and Visionaries

( After taking some time away from the scene; Cheo returned and is one of the best we have. A lot of his work is there for a while then painted over but this piece is there for at least a year and was painted on the side of the Bristol Beer Factory during Upfest.

11. Cosmo Sarson (@cosmo_sarson)


For me, in the Stokes Croft area there are probably 3 stand out iconic pieces. This being one of them, another I mention later by Stinkfish, and also the piece above the Carriageworks by Sweet Toof, Rowdy and Cyclops. You will find this Breakdancing Jesus on a wall outside of Hamilton House (and whilst taking a photo of it look behind you for a Banksy!)

12. Jody (@jody_artist)


Jody Thomas was another attendee of the Barton Hill Youth Club graffiti project. It’s fair to say the work he produces for events such as Upfest are always a highlight for many people. The photo here is of his latest Upfest work to be found on The Nursery just off North Street.

13. Kobra (@kobrastreetart)


A Brazilian artist who painted at Upfest 2017, a real coup for the festival and a sign of the great work the organisers do. Another artist who paints very large scale on high rises across the globe regularly in this colourful fashion depicting a famous face. You can find this one off John Lennon by the ALDI on North Street.

14. Conor Harrington (@conorsaysboom)

conor bristol street art

This Irish born artist fuses together both contemporary and classical styles into his own style of art. You can find this piece on Broad Street. I wasn’t sure when I first saw it but yes, the paint drips are intentional!

15. JPS (@jps_artist)

jps bristol street art

A brilliant stencil artist from Weston Super Mare. By his own admission he was inspired by Banksy, in particular an exhibition of his he saw in Bristol. This is located on Frogmore Street. As a bonus, if you walk around the corner of The Queenshilling you’ll see another of his works, the gladiator Spartacus.

16. Silent Hobo (@silenthobo)


I hope to inspire you to visit most of these pieces of art but this is certainly one you need to see for yourself. My photo wont do it justice because he has painted the majority of Montpelier train station.

17. Stinkfish (@stinkfishstink)

stinkfish stokes croft street art

Stinkfish is a Colombian artist who uses found photos as the inspiration for his works. He then paints them in his own, very brightly coloured style. This was painted in 2012 and has remained since, updated recently with the We Love Stokes Croft at the bottom by Deamze.

18. Dan Kitchener (@dankitchener)


A highlights from Upfest 2016, can be found at The Pantiles just off West Street in Bedminster.

19. Andy Council (@andycouncil)

andy council

You can find other paint by Mr Council in numerous locations including North Street, Bedminster, The Oxford pub in Totterdown and some of his most recent work at Ashton Gate alongside Inkie and Voyder.

20. Copyright (@copyrightart) & Paul Monsters (@paulmonsters)

paul street art upfest

This collaboration is on boards next to Temple Meads Station which is one of the new spots for artists. You will also find excellent art here by Voyder, Loch Ness, SP Zero, Kid Crayon and Lokey. Well worth checking out.

For more of Bristol’s street art you can follow us on Instagram @streetartbristol



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