Bristol’s Foozie Are Giving Away 600 Packets Of Crisps

So many crisps, so little time

You may have seen the amazing 90s retro crisp pop up in Bristol surface on your Facebook in the last coupe of weeks.

During September, Foozie hosted 4 sell out events with an unlimited buffet featuring 40 retro crisps, loads of sauces and white bread so people could create majestic crisp sandwiches. There was even um-bongo cocktails!

Following these events Foozie has been left with 41 boxes of retro crisps, estimated to be around 600 packet of crisps!


Instead of doing another date, Foozie have decided to give them all away. They’ll even deliver them personally to your house, or two houses if you wanted to split them with a friend!

If you want to be in with a chance to win you just need to join Club Foozie (for free).

Good luck!



Sam Gillies

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