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Dying To Be Dancing

Just Jack Talk Shit About Their Secret Toilet Rave



just jack

For every raver gearing up for the double-whammy of New Years Eve followed by New Years Day (optional disco nap inbetween is up to you dear readers), nothing is more enticing that Motion’s epic NYD lineup.

It’ll be worth it even if you puke on yourself at least once before getting yourself deodorised and glitterised ahead of the party. We caught up with Dan and Tom from Just Jack who’ve set up their own secret rave WITHIN the rave that you’ll need to seek out so you can have a boogie to their special guest Jeremy Underground (My Love Is Underground). Join the boys in the crapper for your first rave of 2017…

Best adventure you’ve ever had that began in a rave toilet…

Dan: I once got stuck in a toilet, rather worse for wear at a festival. I was wearing an inflatable horse and jockey outfit and turned the motor on to inflate it whilst in a portoloo. The combination of the state I was in combined with the loo now being filled with my inflatable outfit set the standard for the day ahead. It was a festival called Bloom Festival so we called it Doom Festival due to the weather. When I did emerge from the loo I found my tent had blown away!

You’ve not got a book on the go, and you know you’re gonna be in the toilet a while… what LP do you stick on for crucial entertainment instead?

Tom: Probably the audio book of Winnie The Pooh and Christopher Robin in The House at Pooh Corner. It’s an old fave. On vinyl of course, cause it sounds better. I had the 128kps vinyl-rip for a while but it sounded pretty shitty.

If Just Jack were to open your own club in a converted public toilet where would it be and how would you decorate it?

Tom: I always did like Public Life in Shoreditch, that place was pretty cool while it was around. I guess if I had to open one of my own I would put it in between Block 9 and Shangri-La at Glastonbury festival, with a secret entrance which is a bit like that scene in Trainspotting where he has to dive right into the bowl. That way you’d only have the really committed in there ready to throw it down. I’d decorate it like the toilet in George Michael’s video for Outside.

Talk us through your average New Years Day and how it will compare to your expectations for 2017’s…

Dan: I’ve always been a NYE kind of guy. I’m a bit slow to catch on. So I suppose my normal NYD would be either sat with a sick bucket and my cats, or still going for it with my mates, putting off the inevitable (sick bucket and cats). This time it’s a chilled NYE ready to hit the ground running NYD.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen happen in a rave toilet?

Dan: Man in a urinal wearing a snorkel. I’m sure you can guess where that was. Hint it’s in Berlin.

Why did you choose to book Jeremy Underground for your loo rave?

Tom: “Cause he’s the shit” is the obvious answer here I guess right? But puns aside he’s one of the best selectors around, with such a diverse and warm collection of music he’s going to perfect for an intimate little knees up on NYD – making it a pretty obvious choice. We’re hoping to offer something a little different to the big rave going on at the rest of the venue, so Jeremy fits the brief perfectly.

As International DJs, you must have travelled to some spectacular and far-flung places. Where is the most opulent toilet you’ve ever used?

Tom: We’re actually fairly un-international compared to the typical jet setting DJ type, so the best toilet I’ve ever been to wasn’t found on travels for a gig. It also wasn’t very opulent! There’s a pub on Lundy Island and it has an outdoor toilet facing the sea, its really pretty special.

A club has arranged for you to create a toilet playlist… what genre do you go for? Banging toilet bangers or chill-out bliss?

Dan: A decent audio book. Biggles Flies East is a classic.

Love the poster you’ve done for the event. Can you tell us a toilet themed story (with a narrative) using only emojis?

just jack toilet

Dan: I’m sorry but I still haven’t worked out how to do emojis. Like where do they come from? Do you need a special keyboard? I’m an old school analogue man. Really showing my age here…

Join Tom, Dan and Jeremy Underground in the Secret Just Jack Toilet Rave on New Years Day at Motion.



Dying To Be Dancing

Motion Launches Yard Open Air Club



yard open air club

Yard Open Air Announced

Since starting out as a skate park, Motion has been endlessly tweaked and transformed, its ever-shifting warehouse complex now home to huge raves, intimate sweatboxes and cutting edge live music. For the club’s latest adventure, YARD is taking things outside. A new event, and a collaboration between some of the city’s most established dance music institutions, Yard will bring Motion’s outdoor spaces to life, welcoming a new era of open air clubbing in Bristol.

Summoning that specific type of joy that comes from dancing outdoors, YARD will be split across three newly developed open air spaces – taking place in the Container Yard, Crane Yard and Lock Yard.

For the first event on August 26th, Yard welcomes true genius in the form of Detroit pioneer Jeff Mills. As a visionary who works tirelessly to keep techno firmly future-facing, Mills has been blowing minds for decades, consistently hurtling us into the future while ripping through +130bpm workouts. This headline set at Yard is a chance to lose yourself to the pummeling, otherworldly body music of The Wizard under the stars.

Alongside this rare appearance, they’ve lined up dance music’s eccentrics-in-chief Seth Troxler and Bristol’s own Eats Everything alongside euphoric, bleeding edge selections from Joy Orbison, Daniel Avery, Midland and Axel Boman.

Of the two live sets, expect expertly crafted, pounding belters from Ostgut Ton mainstay Tobias, while Octo Octa’s live performance will weave through the bright flourishes of her trademark infectious grooves. Skilled at creating intimate atmospheres, Daisy Moon, Golesworthy and Gramrcy will bring a taste of their killer Housework parties, while Motion resident Em Williams will be setting the tone right.

Capturing the spirit of outdoor partying, art installations curated by Mr. Price will embellish the excursion with the kind of hazy glamour that his Studio 89 events embody. Energetic shape-throwing is actively encouraged, too, as energy levels can be replenished throughout by our new food traders, who will be serving up locally sourced food.

Yard has also announced that sustainability will be a strong focal point throughout, with leading green thinkers Kambe helping them to get eco-friendly with reusable cups – keeping your shakedown in the sunshine guilt free.

General sale tickets will go live at 9am Thursday 4th May via



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Dying To Be Dancing

There’s A Grease Themed Burlesque Show Coming To Bristol



Bristol’s best burlesque night is returning

If your for fun and alternative things to do, then you should check out the unique Burlesque Wonderland for a flamboyant and exciting burlesque night awaits you…

On Saturday 13th May, the follow up to the 2 previously successful shows will see Grease arrive at The Fleece, with an electrifying night full of leather jackets, beauty school drop-outs and the best burlesque dancers in the UK… Tell me about it, stud.

Whether you’re a pink lady or T-Bird, kick start your summer nights with a school dance with a twist!

They’ll have a red carpet ready and waiting, as well as circus performers, vintage DJs, delicious cocktails and much more.

As they’re hopelessly devoted to Grease they will also be rocking around the clock with a night of dancing at an afterparty in a venue around the corner. 

Where: The Fleece

When: Saturday 13th May 2017, 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Tickets: £15 and available here.



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Dying To Be Dancing

10 Exciting Local Acts To Watch At LSTD



eva lazarus

The Bristol music scene is undergoing a renaissance at the moment with some really exciting acts coming up through the ranks. Bristol’s biggest music festival – Love Saves The Day (May 26th and 27th) – is a showcase for many of these acts so we asked Team Love for their top 10 local acts of 2017.

1. Elder Island (Saturday)

elder island

These guys are tipped to go onto huge things! They manage to beautifully blend elements of R&B, dance and pop music across a myriad of instruments. Check out their recent Seeds In Sands EP and we’re sure you will agree.

2. Hodge (Saturday)

He has been a staple in the Bristol techno scene for a good while now, but lately he’s really turned things up a notch. His release with Randomer on Dnous Ytivil (Livity Sound backwards) last year was up there as one of our favourites!

3. Deli G (Saturday)

We are thrilled to have Deli G come and join us after having such an illustrious hand in all parts of the music scene, especially in Bristol. He has been involved in everything from building sound systems to regular pirate radio shows. We’re sure he’ll provide a selection of soulful house and garage which only 40+ years in music could provide.

4. Eva Lazarus (Sunday)

eva lazarus

Eva has provided vocals for a lot of artists over the years – Jus Now, Stanton Warriors, Etherwood, Dub FX, Danny Byrd and Serocee to name just a few. We’re really excited to see her creating her own solo material now as well as continuing her huge pairings (she pops up on the recent Kreed and Gardna EP). It’s safe to say that she is definitely main stage material for the Sunday!

5. Jus Now (Sunday)

jus now

Technically only one half of Jus Now is from Bristol, with LAZABeam hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. However both of them come from a place steeped in bass music and ‘ridden’ culture, meaning that this pairing makes perfect sense and is right at home in Eastville Park. Expect a lot of energy – they are basically made for festivals and carnivals!

6. My Nu Leng (Sunday)

my nuleng

These guys have played nearly every year of the festival and you only have to see the crowd at their sets to see why. One of the most popular Bristol-based acts that never fail to whip up a frenzy, they are such nice young guys who are going to go very far with their music.

7. DJ Die (Saturday)

dj die

One of our good friends and someone who has been on the Bristol music scene for over 20 years (he released with Roni Size in 1994). He is currently running a label called Gutterfunk, which has moved away from his signature D&B sound to a wider range of genres, but still aimed heavily at the dance floor. Expect nothing but a party from him on the Dance Off stage.

8. Clipz (Sunday)

Clipz has played for us the past couple of festivals under his Redlight moniker, however this is the first time in around 10 years that he has played under his legendary D&B alias from yesteryear. The fact that he is doing it on our brand new immersive stage, ‘The Lost Gardens’, just means that we are even more excited for a good ol’ knees up!

9. Gardna (Sunday)

Part of Bristol’s new wave of Dubwise artists, Gardna MC is currently making a name for himself with his tight lyrics over future dancehall, dubstep and grime. He will be performing at the festival with Kreed after their recent joint EP, which also features Eva Lazarus and Parly B, who are also playing on the Sunday.

10. Woz (Sunday)

It was hard to pick another recommendation from the Who Cares stage because it’s basically full of the best in Bristol bass music, however Woz is definitely a highlight to look out for. He has really interesting and intricate productions, and his DJ sets are always high-energy affairs.

Visit for tickets and info.

Tickets: Saturday £39.50, Sunday £45, Weekend £75 (all prices are exclusive of booking fees)

Follow Love Saves The Day on Facebook (, Insagram (@lstdbristol) and Twitter (@LSTDBristol) for regular updates.



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