L’Osteria Opens In Bristol

The UK’s first L’Osteria opens in Bristol

We can’t get enough of Italian food in this country, and for good reason.  As Joey Tribbiani would say: “Meat – good, cheese – good, pizza – good, pasta – good, tiramisu – good.” I mean, is there anything not to like when it comes to Italian cooking? The answer is of course no.

Piping hot pizzas straight from the oven … dripping with rich tomato sauce and melted mozzarella, silky pasta with bouncy prawns or creamy, garlicy risotto with mushrooms and white wine…chilli oil. It doesn’t get much better really. It’s comfort food with a dash of elegance, it’s the perfect first-date supper (think Lady and the Tramp) and it’s here to stay. Thank you Italy!

Lucky for us, L’Osteria – one of Europe’s most popular pizza and pasta establishments – has opened its doors right here in Bristol. Head to Quakers Friars (between Carluccios and Brasserie Blanc) to see what the fuss is all about. Indulge in timeless Italian favourites, enjoy signature 18 inch pizzas or sample something from the innovative weekly menu. You can pop by for a simple coffee, meet friends for a cocktail at the bar or relax with a three-course meal. The choice is yours.

With over other 70 locations across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, this is the first UK site for award winning L’Osteria, which started business back in 1999. With a vibrant social scene and readiness to embrace innovative food and drink concepts, Bristol was the perfect place to set down UK roots. Southampton is next on the cards.

We attended the opening party last week and the staff really went to town to showcase how L’Osteria stands out from your average Italian. An array of antipasti made with authentic Italian ingredients was on display – think a mountain (literally) of parmesan, parma ham on tap, ripe figs, freshly balled melon, juicy tomatoes and thinly sliced beef. L’Osteria opened with a bang – or pop of the cork perhaps?


Inside the restaurant, there’s space for 200, plus a terrace outside and a private function room that holds 23 people. Every L’Osteria has its own unique interior design too. In Bristol, expect a chic bar area with mirrors, open-bulb lighting and brickwork, an abundance of candles, cosy booths alongside more spacious seating, an open kitchen to delight all foodies and a warm colour scheme of reds, browns and blacks. The atmosphere is warm yet spacious, traditional yet modern.

L’Osteria Restaurant Franchisee Pru Naik said there is ‘something for everyone’ at L’Osteria.

“Our food is great value and we offer a unique atmosphere that’s casual and chic. Our staff here in Bristol are second-to-none and will make every dining experience special. They really are amazing.

‘We are known for our amazing pizzas and pasta d’amore, but there are dishes for all tastes and moods on the menu.”

Follow the team’s progress on Twitter/ Instagram at @Losteria_UK, where they’ll be sharing their latest news.

You can check out the menu here

L’ostera Bristol address: Catering Unit SU3 – SU5 | Lower Ground and upper ground level | Quakers Friars | Cabot Circus | Bristol | BS1 3BU
P: +44 117 440 7140



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