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George Ferguson’s Red Trousers


How much would you pay for George Ferguson’s red trousers?

Finally an end to the question on the lips of at least 10s of people across Bristol will be answered. Just what do George Ferguson’s trousers feel like to wear?

George Ferguson’s legendary red trousers have been put on sale on eBay with all cash raised going to the charity Solar Power to the People to help raise money to bring solar power to the Calais refugee camp.

Just imagine all the things you could do with those trousers?

george ferguson

7 Things You May Have Missed This Week


A few things happened in Bristol you may well have missed this week

1. This awesome mural in Totterdown

2. The man who bought his son a tank has to move out of his two bedroom flat

brIstol tank

3. Amazing video of Bristol emerges

4. Student halls catch fire on Colston Street (you probably didn’t miss this)

#colstonstreetfire #Bristol

A post shared by Mark (@mr_markf) on

5. Stokes Croft carriageworks plan finally approved

stokes croft carriage works

6. Jeremy Corbyn popped over to Bristol for a cheeky visit

7. Bristol’s stunning sunset

9 Things You May Have Missed This Week


There’s a few things you might have missed in Bristol this week

1. Blue Mountain now looks like this

blue mountain

2. Small Horse Inn opens up on Small Street

small horse inn

3. New escape game comes to Bristol

locked in a room bristol

4. You can now train to be a jedi knight in Bristol

Bristol lightsaber

5. The brilliant Crane Dance took place outside of the M Shed

6. Shaun in the city grand appeal raises over a million pounds for charity

7. Dismaland makes it way to Calais refugee camps

Dismaland at night

8. First Bus announce a fair reduction for buses in Bristol

9. At the Well continue their amazing signs

at the well

Bristol Crocodile Appears at The Canteen


Why on earth is there a crocodile at the Canteen?

The Crocodile is at the Canteen as part of Hamilton House residents exhibition & also the open studios weekend this weekend. Katcha’s studio is in Hamilton house. It’s a little humorous commentary about our wasteful consumerist society.

Why a crocodile? Katcha transforms discarded material into beautiful and useful products, and has found her niche in inner tubes and tyres. Although her main work is in fashion accessories, she couldn’t resist making life-size crocodiles from car tyres due to the tread – it’s perfect crocodile skin.

There’s a whole family of them that go to festivals every summer and are much loved by children and adults – kids use them as climbing frames and even launch themselves off their jaws!

More images of the elusive crocodile 

The designer behind the brand is Katcha Bilek, to find out a little bit more about her visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

Syndicate is Closing Next Week


Where will the UWE students go?

After 9 years and 3.7 million people through the doors, Syndicate will be closing. There’s multiple questions everyone will be asking…

“Where will we go for foam parties now?”

“How will I find more freshers to creep on?”

“Is there another club where they sell Jagerbombs?” – (yes, every club does, don’t worry about it).

Syndicate’s regulars have been weeping:


Others were quick to not offer their sympathies:

Whether you love it it or hate, you’ve probably been there at least once. For those who want one last Syndicate blow out, their final night will be on August 22nd. Have a look at the Facebook event for more details.

Last Sighting Of DJ Derek


Further details of DJ Derek’s last movements have been released

Avon & somerset police have released further details of the last known movements of DJ Derek. Police believe Derek boarded the number 5 bus in the centre just after 11pm, July 10th. It’s then thought Derek got off on Brook Road’s junction before heading towards Albert Place.

In the CCTC, Derek can be seen in usual haunt – the Commercial Rooms on Corn Street at 9:25pm before leaving at 11:11pm.

DJ Derek Is Missing

dj derek missing

DJ Derek has been reported missing

DJ Derek who’s real name Derek Morris has not been seen for the last 3 weeks and has now been reported missing.

Derek’s niece Jennifer has been appealing to the public on Twitter and Facebook for his safe return.

Dj Derek Morris

Aged 73, Derek has lived in St Pauls, Bristol since 1978. Derek’s family are asking if anyone has any information to contact the police – PC Ed Harris, badge number 4800 immediately.

Avon and Somerset Police have said: “Anyone who has any information about his disappearance should call us on 101.”

DJ Derek Missing

Please spread the word and help find DJ Derek.

There’s A Giant Bristol Water Fight Tomorrow

water fight bristol

3,000 people set to soak Millennium Square

Organised by the amazing people at the Bristol Smile Instigation Collective, over 3,000 people are currently set to attend a super fun happy water fight in Millennium Square tomorrow.

“Once we’ve prettied the place up, get ready for an awesome water fight! Bring rubber rings, water balloons, arm bands, water pistols, get on your speedos and invite all your duck friends!”

From 7.00pm tomorrow the decorating begins and then it’s all kicking off at 7.30pm. Oh and guess what…. it’s free! 

If Bristol’s Matty Pearce Quotes Were Motivational Posters


Jeremy Kyle star will provide all the motivation you will ever need.

Bristol’s Matty Pearce has managed to star on Jeremy Kyle a phenomenal 4 times, and has since been banned from returning from J.K himself, who said on his last appearance: “Don’t come back here again. Your relationship is a joke. I’ve got better things to do.” 

If you’ve managed to miss a Matty Pearce appearance then please educate yourself immediately:

At Best of Bristol we’ve been truly inspired by his words of wisdom and feel the best way Bristol would benefit would be to turn his quotes into 9 motivational posters:

Jeremy Kyle Matty Pearce




Matty Pearce Quote

Matty Pearce Motivation

Jeremy Kyle Bristol

Matty Pearce JK

Bristol Jeremy Kyle

Matty Pearce Bristol

Matty Pearce Jeremy Kyle

If you want more Bristol videos like Matty Pearce’s Jeremy Kyle appearance then head over to Best of Bristol videos.

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