12 Incredible Aerial Shots of Bristol


‘Bristol by­­ Balloon’ from Bristol instagrammer and student Patrick Metcalfe

On my 10th birthday I picked up my very first camera, and 13 years later I’ve never been more engaged  with photography! I love the combination of the technical knowledge, creative freedom & exploring of the great outdoors that it can offer on a daily basis, whatever the weather.

I joined the popular image-sharing platform Instagram back in 2014 and this has been the main source of inspiration and drive for my photography over the last 3 years – there are some superb Bristol-based ‘Instagrammers’ out there!

Originally from Kent, I’m a current Master’s student of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol and it was in my first year (all the way back in 2013) that I was first given the opportunity to take my camera into the air by flying with the university’s hot air ballooning society. The society, known to most as BUHABS, celebrates its 31st birthday this year and offers students & staff the chance to get involved with the operation of the iconic Bristol University balloon. As well as being trained in how to help with the operation of the balloon (known as ‘crewing’), the society offers frequent flying opportunities which can take you over the city of Bristol.

After my first flight, armed with my camera, I was hooked – and I’ve returned to the skies in the balloon on many occasions since then to fill up my camera’s memory card with photos of Bristol from the unique perspective that the hot air balloon offers! Unlike the increasingly popular consumer drones, having your camera in the basket allows you to take up heavy zoom lenses and it’s a lot easier to spot compositions with your own eyes than via your smartphone screen.

I like ballooning so much that I now hold a position on the society’s committee, as well as travelling to hot air balloon gatherings across Europe – with the annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta being my favourite, of course!

The photos I’ve captured from the air, some of which are featured in this article, have helped my photography to reach a wider audience than I ever thought possible – I have recently started selling prints of my work, as well as having it featured in venues and publications across Bristol. It generates a small but welcome income that I use to support my university studies (& photography kit, naturally).

In this article I have chosen 12 of my favourite Bristol images I’ve taken from the Bristol University hot air balloon – I hope you enjoy them!

1. Totterdown


The repeating patterns in this group of houses in Totterdown leapt out to me when seen from the air, in fact I’ve actually taken this shot on two separate flights across the city. It’s not hard to be hypnotised by this image, and it’s turned out to be one of my most well-known compositions.

2. Broad Quay Birds-Eye

broad quay from above

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice this was taken before the infrastructure developments started in the city centre for the metrobus. This was actually shot on my first flight in the hot air balloon – and what a memorable flight it turned out to be!

3. Cumberland Basin

cumberland basin

From the ground they don’t look like anything special, but I really like the curves of the Cumberland Basin junction when viewed from above. The Bristol Ferry was an added bonus to complete the composition! This is an area I’d love to get the chance to shoot again from a different angle – fortunately flights from Ashton Court Estate can frequently pass over this area when the wind direction is right.

4. Hotwells & Cliftonwood

hotwells from above

This was one of many colourful Bristol scenes that I couldn’t float past without capturing on my camera. It’s now become one of my best-selling prints!

5. Clifton & The Suspension Bridge

clifton suspension bridge from above

Another of the spectacular views that Ashton Court take-offs can offer – this time looking north-east over the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Clifton Village & beyond to Southmead Hospital. It’s a great feeling to float past the White Lion Bar terrace and give a wave to the people enjoying drinks in the evening sunshine.

6. The SS Great Britain

ss great britain

One of Bristol’s many historic attractions, Brunel’s SS Great Britain. She was built in 1839 in the same dock where she now rests, having carried passengers and cargo all over the world for nearly a century! Having been sunk and left to corrode off the Falkland Islands in 1937, she was returned to Bristol and has been restored into a fantastic museum.

7. Kaskelot

kaselot from above

The tall ship Kaskelot was actually built over 100 years after the SS Great Britain, in 1948, and still sails around the UK. On this particular flight she was moored by Lloyd’s Arena which made for a simple composition, with the straight lines leading the eye to the ship. This image was also processed into a partial monochrome to further highlight the Kaskelot, which was lit up in a lovely golden colour from the low evening sunlight.

8. Shimmering City

bristol sunset above

Hot air balloon flights are usually in the early morning or evening, when the temperature and wind speeds are lowest. The low sun at these times creates long, dark shadows which give a high contrast with the bright sky. In this image the sun also casts a bright glare from the river, making the scene look magical.

9. A Lot of Allotments

bristol allotment from above

Whilst not particularly Bristol-specific, I had to include this birds-eye of a group of allotments that passed under the basket on a recent flight over east Bristol. There are scenes like this all around the city that may not look particularly special from the ground, but when viewed from above they are transformed into something completely different!

10. The Avon Gorge

avon gorge from above

I was surprised at just how small the Avon Gorge looked from the air, considering how high above the river you feel when crossing the Clifton Suspension Bridge! It’s also amazing to see all the way across to the Severn Estuary and Wales when just 1000ft above the ground. I’ll never get tired of the views that ballooning offers!

11. Queen Square & Park Street

Any Bristolian will tell you that Park Street is one of the steepest roads in Bristol, but from the air it looks significantly flatter! The view from the top of Wills Memorial Building has the same perspective-distorting effect. I like how the trees surrounding Queen Square stand out in the foreground of this image, surrounded by the building of central Bristol- it emphasises the importance of protecting these green spaces within our cities.

12. The Harbourside

One of my favourite places in Bristol is the Harbourside, so to see it from the air was something extra-special for me. Lloyd’s Arena in the bottom-right is occasionally used as a take-off location for balloons and it’s high up on my ballooning wish-list for obvious reasons!

Enjoyed these photos? You’ll find more on my social media accounts: Instagram @paddyo.11 or on Facebook as Paddyo Photography.

If these have got you itching to get airborne, I can’t recommend the experience enough! There are lots of commercial ballooning companies in the Bristol area who fly throughout the year and these balloon rides make excellent birthday presents. In my opinion, hot air balloon flights should be on everyone’s bucket list!

50 Bristol Instagram Accounts You Need To Be Following


The very best Bristol Instagram accounts you need to be following

Do you ever get tired of cycling through a never ending stream of cat, food and baby photos on Instagram? Well it’s time to broaden your insta-horizons and check out these Bristol Instagram accounts that will spruce up your Instagram feed.

1. IgersBristol

Run by the brilliant Jess, Mitch, Ben and Rich this is your number 1 Bristol account to follow. Tag them in your photos and use #igersbristol for a chance to be featured.

2. Porthjess 


Moderator of the aforementioned IgersBristol, Jess’ colourful photos are absolutely spectacular. She’s now amassed over 41,000 Instagram followers, making her a Bristol powerhouse on Instagram.

3. BristolJJ

A former moderator of Bristol Igers. Jon is a landscape photographer and his Bristol photos are absolutely majestic.

4. MoodyColin319

Armed with his Iphone and Go Pro, regular Best of Bristol contributor Colin Moody takes a picture a day and captures Bristol at its most candid.

5. Antimitch 

Another of the igersbristol gang. Mitch’s photos are stunning, look out for his photos high up in the sky on the hashtag #antimitchclimbs.

6. MrBenAdams

Another moderator of the wonderful igers gang and the founder of Bristol Art Collective. Ben has been taking awesome photos of Bristol for a few years now. You can see 10 of his best here.

7. _fukq

Dylan is a Best of Bristol favourite, regularly scaling Bristol heights to get stunning photos. Obligatory don’t try this at home kids.

8. neiljamesb

One of our overall favourite Bristol photographers. Neil has been taking gorgeous photos of Bristol and other places across the UK for a many a year. Check out 15 of his epic photos.

9. jimcosseyphotography

One of Bristol’s best photographers, you’ll find some out of this world Bristol photography from Jim Cossey.

10. carolyn.eaton

We’re huge fans of Carolyn’s photos, regularly featuring her on the BoB instagram page. She takes a brilliant variety of photos across Bristol.

11. richimal_bristol


Rich is another moderator for @igersbristol and takes absolutely glorious photos across Bristol.

12. Josh.perrett

At over 86,000 instagram followers, Josh is absolutely killing it on instagram. Every photo he posts is absolutely stunning.

13. Visit Bristol

Bristol’s resident tourist information showcase a lot about Bristol. Use #VisitBristol for a chance to make it onto their page.

14. Ellabonbella_x

Another member of Bristol’s blossoming colour photography scene. Ella manages to show the vibrant colours of Bristol in every single shot.

15. Sauntimo

Tim Saunders showcases stunning shots from across Bristol.

16. Bristol_Shabby


Carl takes a unique perspective on Bristol’s decaying under belly. Finding the beauty in shabby Bristol. You can see 10 of his best shabby Bristol photos here.

17. nickwhimster

Lot’s of epic shots of Bristol and others from across the UK for good measure.

18. paddyo.11

Paddy takes brilliant photos of Bristol. The above one is probably our favourite Bristol photo of 2016!

19. Sjtanton

Loads and loads of great colorful Bristol instagram photos. Glorious!

20. johndohart

This local street artist is worth following just to see what his next piece might be.

21. paintsmiths

Creators of some of the most famous street art in Bristol in 2016, check out what they get up to in 2017.

22. Rosiejam

You’ve got to adore Rosie’s photos. Another who focuses on the vibrancy of the many colourful places in Bristol.

23. spray.bristol

Captures Bristol’s iconic street art culture. You can share your art and pictures using #spraybristol.

24. streetartbristol

Another account that shoots Bristol”s street art. Use #streetart_bristol when you’ve seen some Bristol street art that’s instagram worthy.

25. Gothick

Matt Gibson showcases brilliant Bristol instagrams across the city.


Jessie takes absolutely gorgeous photos of Bristol. We’re bag fans of this rain dropped soaked one!

27. tom.9799

Lots of awesome Bristol photos from Tom.

28. infinity_bristol

Big fans of this Bristol based photography collective. This sunset photo of Clifton Suspension Bridge is one of favs of 2016.

29. Bristol247

Bristol’s erstwhile monthly magazine and website showcase the best of Bristol. Use #bristol247 for a chance to have your photo end up in their magazine.

30. Faygate

Richard takes a wealth of tasty photos across Bristol.

31. daysatbristol

Another account from sichan.he, this one is iphone only and has regular stellar pictures.

32. riverslade

Riverslade takes very unique photos of Bristol. You’ll find multiple amazing shots taken in the reflection of water.

33. richlock

Rich is a freelance photographer in Bristol who takes photos across the world but his Bristol ones are of course our favourite.

34. craigderrick40

Loads of really interesting captures from Craig on his account.

35. max_renaud

Max has been killing it recently with his awesome Bristol photos.

36. alka.lloyd

One of the moderators of igersbath. Lloyd takes absolutely stunning photos, granted they’re mostly of Bath but hey that’s fine to. The Bristol shots that appear are some of the best in Bristol.

37. bristolpictures

bristol pictures

We absolutely love Bristol pictures… pictures. Awesome colourful photography across Bristol that brings this city to life.

38. ryanmsearle

Ryan manages to capture glorious photos of Bristol at night.

39. _smurfious

Benji is an amateur photographer based in Bristol and you’ll find fantastic shots from across Bristol and London on his page.

40. richmccluskey_photography

Rich takes stunning photos on his nikon D5300 and iPhone6s. Glorious!

41. Live Bristol

live bristol

Now one of the biggest aggregators of Bristol content with over 14,000 followers. You’ll also find lots of great Bristol competitions here as well.

42. nataliebrereton


Natalie’s instagram is pure food porn. This girl eats her way around Bristol’s best food establishments and her instagram will do nothing other than make your mouth water.

43. Bits of Bristol

bits of bristol

Bits of Bristol is another aggregator of Bristol content with some marvellous choices. Also posts some belters from their personal account as you can see above.

44. Ryan.sainsbury1

ryan sainsbury

Ryan takes brilliant colourful and moody photos of Bristol in a style that’s becoming incredibly popular within the Bristol instagram community.

45. jpuentephotography


A Spanish photographer who’s based in Bristol and is killing it at the moment with his stunning images of Bristol.

46. Rob.Potter

rob potter photography

Rob unique and moody photos of Bristol makes him a must follow in Bristol.

47. MrJamieRhodes

mr jamie rhodes

Jamie is nailing it with his photos at the moment. His drone pictures are some of our favourite in Bristol at the moment.

48. kris.avery

kris avery

We’re huge fans of Kris Avery’s photographer, regularly sharing his stunning photos on our Facebook. Kris does a wonderful job of capturing the best of bristol.


burnt dog prints

Burnt Dog is looked after by photographer Dan Kelly and associate Kieran Mcconnell. We’re a bit fan of some of the sets which have been taken with a film camera, not to mention that they donate £2.50 of each sale to charity ‘Peace of Mind’.

50. Bristol_Foodie

bristol foodie

Another fantastic food based instagram. Bristol foodie eats their way around Bristol and this delicious instagram will make you very hungry.

Brucie Bonus: Best of Bristol

Got an awesome Bristol photo or video? Then don’t forget to use #bestofbristol or tag @bestofbristol to be featured.

Did we miss your favourite account? Then be sure to tell us in the comments.

Amazing Photos Of Bristol From Above


Bristol from above

Bristol has an amazing group of intrepid, high-flying photographers who capture these sensational views of Bristol from above. How do they get up there? It’s best not to ask.

Don’t try this at home.

Well apart from the odd few taken from a balloon or drone, you can try that.

1. Bristol in the morning

Bristol form above
Credit @bentiley

2. The Bearpit

bearpit from above
Credit @whodareswins1

3. A fantastic afternoon view of Bristol

Bristol from above afternoon
Credit @antimitch

4. Bristol views from a crane

crane climb
Credit @bentiley

5. Clifton Suspension Bridge from a balloon

Clifton suspension bridge from above
Credit Paddyo.11

6. And from the opposite side with a drone

clifton suspension bridge drone
Credit @mrjamierhodes 

7. From the top of the bridge

top of the bridge
Credit @_fukq 

8. And back in the day

9. Bristol on its axis

bristol bridge from above
Credit @whodareswins1 

10. A beautiful view into Bristol’s centre

bristol from above at night
Credit @antimitch

 11.  The ever changing Bristol centre

View of the fountains in bristol from above
Credit @whodarewins1 

12. Bristol at night

bristol at night
Credit @bentiley 

13. A look into the heart of Stokes Croft

Stokes croft from above
Credit @whodareswins1 

14. Flying over Whitchurch and Hengrove

hengrove from above
Credit @mrjamierhodes

15. A look into Bristol

bristol from above
Credit @mrjamierhodes 

16. Peaking over from the top of Wills Memorial Building

wills memorial building from up high
Credit Ben Adams

17. And on a slightly sunnier day

Wills memorial building from above
Credit @neiljamesb

18. Dusk

bristol in dusk
Credit Ben Adams

Brucie bonus: A couple of videos from above

Bristol as if it were toy town

 From the top of the Premier Inn

11 Awesome Shots Of Bristol At Night


Bristol at night from Bristol instagramer Kris Avery

Photography is something that I’ve been teased and taunted by for some time now.

I hadn’t owned my own camera until about three months ago and until then had relied on borrowing my brothers Canon 30D for holidays and trips. Every time I had it in my hands I’d love getting creative with it. It was only when he upgraded that I took him up on his offer of inheriting the old camera.

The major draw of photographing in and around Bristol is the variety of subjects – you have almost everything covered. From Ashton Court and the iconic Suspension Bridge, to a bustling night scene and an active harbourside. If you want to go a little further you have the Mendips, Cheddar Gorge and Bath all on the city doorstep.

Not only are you spoilt for choice – it’s the convenience that most of it is within walking distance from one place to the next.

But the one thing I love is the challenge of capturing something you and everyone else sees regularly, in an original or creative way that people remember the next time that they visit.

This is why the Instagram community in Bristol is so great – there’s a huge pool of talent putting out unique, creative and stunning photos daily! It’s hard not to be inspired and motivated by it.

I’ve only lived in Bristol for a year and a half, but by getting out with my camera and exploring, it’s starting to feel like home. What you see on my Instagram page is my learning curve and my exploration of the city.

So here’s a picture tour of Bristol at night, taken along a walk from the MShed to the Suspension Bridge.

1. Harbourside Cranes

harbourside cranes

The Harbourside Cranes are such a recognisable landmark, walked under daily by Bristol commuters. Though at night when they’re not lit, it’s easy to pass them by. This shot was taken on my first night outing with another Bristol Instagrammer Rob, who is featured in this photo (@rsbarton87). I was pleased with how this came out – it has a slightly eerie & imposing look to it. Someone said to me this image had a ‘War of the Worlds’ feel, and I completely agree.

2. The MShed

the m shed
The MShed glows away nicely at night – subtly reminding you of its presence across the harbour waters. It’s always fun to photograph something that has colour and vibrance to it – so I’ve got future plans for other shots in this area.

3. MV Balmoral

mv balmoral

Since I’ve had my camera, the Balmoral has been moored up for maintenance. It’s a great looking ship and photographed regularly in Bristol. I’m looking forward to catching it sailing this year to photograph it in action on the Avon.

You can donate to help get it out on the waters through their website here

4 & 5. St Mary Redcliffe Church

st mary redcliffe church from far away

A stunning church, inside and out – with a rich history. Definitely worth a visit if you’ve not been inside before. I really like it’s prominence on the Bristol skyline – and it looks even better when you have perfectly still water to catch its reflections in!

inside st mary redcliffe church

6. Arnolfini


A regular sight for anyone venturing into the city from the south, captured from the pontoon at night for a different angle on it. Free to visit, has a great bookshop and a popular cafe / bar! What’s not to like about the Arnolfini.

7. Pero’s Bridge Love Locks

peros bridge

I chose to include this purely because I love using my 50mm lens and the depth it gives – and I don’t tend to use it enough at night.

8. ZaZa Bazaar & SkyView Wheel

harbourside wheel

Another night where the waters were perfectly calm made it far too tempting a photo to resist. Framing the two together was trickier than it seemed, but I was happy with how it came out. I love the colours along the Harbourside at night – enhanced even more so by the reflections.

9. Colston Tower

colston tower

Standing on a traffic island in the middle of Bristol at night with a tripod and photographing cars can get you a few strange looks. I felt the shot was worth it though. One of the few light trails shots I’ve had a go at – and not the last (I need the practice).

10. Millennium Square

millenium square

Bristols sources of reflection and light at night are endless! Millennium Square gives you plenty of options with its enclosed design preventing the wind from disturbing the water too much.

11. Suspension Bridge

clifton suspension bridge at night

The Suspension Bridge is a difficult one to capture in an original way. There’s the option of getting creative with your angle and framing – or getting lucky with the lighting and weather conditions. I love seeing how other people capture it and they never cease to amaze me with their originality.

That was 11 awesome photos of Bristol at night from the brilliant Kris Avery.

Like this? Then be sure to follow @kris.avery on instagram.

10 Fantastic Shots Of Bristol


Beautiful Bristol

Bristol based photographer Ben Adams takes absolutely sensational photos. Here we take a look at 10 of his favourites from 2016.

1. Harbourside Rays

Harbourside Rays

2. M Shed Reflections

M Shed Reflections

3. Cliftonwood Viewpoint

Cliftonwood Viewpoint

4. Severn Bridge Sunset

Severn Bridge Sunsey

5. Last Day Of Summer Reflections At Eastville Park

Last Day Of Summer Reflections At Eastville Park

6. Stay Connected – BT Tower

Stay Connected - BT Tower

7. Wills Memorial: Rush

Wills Memorial: Rush

8. Back Street Bristol

Back Street Bristol

9. Upfest 2016

Upfest 2016

10. 5 o clock shadow

5 o clock shadow

If you liked these Bristol photos then give Ben a follow on Instagram @ben_adams88 where you can also buy prints of his photos.

9 Sensational Bristol Instagrams


Stupid sexy Bristol

Selected by JessJon & Mitch of the marvellous Bristol Igers account.

Jess (@Porthjess)

1. Deer Stalking by @infinity_bristol

deer stalking

​This shot by @infinity_bristol from Ashton Court just had to be in my favourite three photos for March. Isn’t our city incredible, how we have the countryside and scenes such as this so close to the bustling, noisy town centre? Doesn’t this chap look majestic? Lovely photo.

2. Two Of My Favourite Boats On The Harbour Aren’t Boats by @sauntimo

bristol boats at night

​Adore the clean crispness in this photo of the harbour inlet at night, taken by Tim Saunders. Great reflections, great sky… Super stuff.

3.☀☀☀ by

bristol houses in sunset

​In stark contrast to Tim’s photo, we had this dreamy hazy beauty from Mar, captured from Cabot Tower. Just love the light in this. Makes me long for balmy summer evenings. *looks up at dull April sky* *taps fingers impatiently*

Jon (@bristoljj)

4. Cliftonwood Bathed In Spring Sunlight by @rachelwotton1


​This stunning shot taken from Ashton Court was a real stand out entry for March. The move into Spring offers Instagramers the chance to add some seasonal colour to their work as this excellent image from @rachelwotton1 illustrates perfectly.

5. Powerful Sunset by @salgreenwood

bristol sunset

​We’ve had some excellent sunsets across March and this fine image, taken by @salgreenwood, captured the Harbourside golden hour in the most literal sense. The bright glare and fine composure are just one of the few things we love about this shot.

6. College Green Springtime by @richimal_bristol

college green in spring

​The talented @richimal_bristol continues to produce great shots of Bristol and this picture featuring Park Street with a sprinkling of Spring is right up there among his best. The backdrop of one of Bristol’s most famous roads coupled with the daffodils really made it stand out.

Mitch (@antimitch)

7. Southville by @sichanhe


This was my first Photo Of The Day as moderator so I wanted something typically Bristolian. I felt like this ticked all the boxes, even down to the lack of parking spaces…

8. Sunday by @owenkimm

st nicks market closed

​I’ve chosen this photo because I love the tones, the shadows and because it shows another side to St.Nick’s Market: eerie and quiet.

9. Colston Tower by @bristol_bartlett

colston tower

I thought this photo was creative and different, but also very familiar. Colston Tower is one of the most prominent buildings in the city so it’s great to see it captured in new ways.

If you want to join Bristol’s best Instagram community, follow @igersbristol and tag your photos with #igersbristol for a chance to be featured.

For more of the best of Bristol on instagram, check out 24 awesome Bristol instagram accounts.

10 Photos of Shabby Bristol


Shabby Bristol is the best Bristol

Feature by Bristol Instagrammer – Bristol_Shabby.

I have lived and worked in Bristol all my life and have always taken a keen interest in its architecture and history.

I recently started taking photographs with my phone and set up an Instagram account called Bristol_Shabby

The account was inspired by a quotation from the film ‘Withnail and I’. The line spoken by Uncle Monty was, ‘there can be no true beauty without decay’. This led me to photograph decaying objects and buildings that many of us consider eyesores and walk past without taking a second look.

However, to me, many neglected buildings have truly wonderful architectural features with beautiful colours and textures. Sadly, many of these buildings have been left to decay and are now very vulnerable. Many are likely to be demolished or redeveloped.

Here is a selection of 10 of my photographs.

1. Crown Tavern – Lawfords Gate

the crown tavern in bristol

This was the first photo I took for my Instagram account. I love the symmetry of the building. The pediments above the windows and the different coloured bricks. It looks like its not changed for 50 years. In all its shabby glory, it would be a shame if it were to close down.

2. Disused Garage

disused garage bristol

This photo harks back to the days when there was a back street garage on every street. This one had been a family business for many years and only closed recently.

Sadly, the pumps have now been removed and the site is being redeveloped.

3. Girl with the pierced eardrum – Harbourside

girl with the pierced ear drum bristol

This is an often photographed Bristol landmark. I liked the fact that my daughter had no interest whatsoever. She was more preoccupied with her phone.

4. Stan Butt – East Street

stan butt butchers

This traditional butchers shop is another of the old school type shops that once would have proliferated the city. I love the awning and the bold sign writing.

5. Bristol cars

bristol old cars

I stumbled upon this quite by accident while out visiting a friend. These two cars were manufactured in Bristol by the Bristol Motor Company. They would have once been very luxurious and expensive cars. Their sad condition is strangely captivating. They have now been removed and are hopefully being restored.

6. Concrete Bridge – Brislington

concrete bridge brislington

This bridge appears unremarkable but to me it has a brutal simplicity. The concrete has a lovely weathered patina.

7. The Bell – Redcliffe

the bell

This pub has sat abandoned for many years. I fear that it is vulnerable to demolition which would be a shame.

I like the juxtaposition between the pub and the block of flats.

8. Pastimes


This little shop is in the heart of the city centre. Even though it looks like it is falling down and abandoned, it is still trading and open for business.

9. Cash Machine – Stokes Croft

stokes croft cash machine

I like how modern technology quickly becomes a part of everyday life. 20 years ago a cash machine would have been cutting edge. Now we don’t give them a second thought.

10. Rising Sun – Windmill Hill

the rising sun

I loved the quirky architectural features on this old pub. The contrast between it and the 1970s tower block behind is quite striking.

That was 10 shabby photos of Bristol from the great Instagram account – Bristol Shabby.

Like this? Give 15 epic photos of Bristol a read.

8 Sensational Bristol Photos


Winter Bristol photos are the best

Selected by Jess and Jon of the marvellous Bristol Igers account.

1. Crane Climb by @bentiley

standing on top of a bristol crane

​Ben’s an incredible talent, of that there’s no doubt. We tend to umm and err over regramming his shots plus others of this kind by other daredevil Bristol Instagrammers in our community due to health and safety and not wanting to be shown as promoting naughty behaviour….but….OH COME ON, THIS IS EFFING AWESOME, YAY BRISTOL, ETC. Oops.

2. Early Morning, St Nick’s Market by @codfishy

st nicks market sunrise

​The light! That beautiful light! The feeling this photo gives of being out & about around St. Nick’s Market before the stall-holders have started trading for the day. Those pretty lightbulbs! Sigh. Nice one, Cody.

3. Frosty morning at Arnos Vale Cemetery by @atkennyc

frosty arnos vale

​Arnos Vale Cemetery really has to be wandered around to be believed. And this frosty morning shot taken by Kenneth makes it look even more serene and a bit magical.

4.  Cor!…morant by @sauntimo

bird bristol

Who doesn’t love the Bristol cormorants? I often think we’re so blessed to be able to see these beautiful birds every day. Absolutely loved this shot of one of them posing proudly by his harbourside ​home with the Lloyds Amphitheatre in the background, captured by the talented Tim.

5. Bristol winter mornings by @nathjelfs

winter bristol

​This beautiful wintery scene at Temple Quay was captured by Nath Jelfs. We were treated to some vibrant sunrises over January and this colourful one was right up there amongst the best.

6.  Birdcage Walk by @bristol_Bartlett

birdcage walk in clifton

​It’s not yet blooming with spring colour but the branches of Birdcage Walk in Clifton don’t half look eye-catching this time of year. Thankfully Nicola was on hand to capture and share this fine image illustrating the picturesque path.

7. Winter in Bristol by @elsaannukka

bristol coloured houses

​Red, yellow, pink, blue. This wonderful stand out shot taken by Elsa features an abundance of colour and shows Cliftonwood looking its very best. There’s nowhere quite like it.

8. Ahh. Bristol. by @moodycolin319

underall yard from the air

​We couldn’t overlook this terrific photo by Colin, taken from the top of the chimney at Underfall Yard and overlooking Hotwells/Cliftonwood and the harbourside. It really captures some gorgeous afternoon sunshine and offers a unique perspective on one of Bristol’s most glamorous spots.

If you want to join Bristol’s best Instagram community, follow @igersbristol and tag your photos with #igersbristol for a chance to be featured.

For more of the best of Bristol on instagram, check out 24 awesome Bristol instagram accounts.

10 Glorious Shots of Bristol


These awesome shots of Bristol will brighten up your day

One of our favourite Bristol Instagram accounts @Chris.Lawton takes shots of Bristol that completely captures its essence. We caught up with him to have a look at some of his favourite Bristol photos.

1. On the Bridge

clifton suspension bridge sunset

I had to quickly take this while stood in the middle of the road. When the security guard came out of his hut and started walking towards me I thought he was going to say something but instead he started taking pictures too!

2. Think Local

think local stokes croft sign

After a fantastic summers afternoon spent sampling local cider with friends, this sunset on the famous Stokes Croft was a perfect end to the day.

3. Dark and Stormy

ss great britain

I’m a big fan of the Harbourside and to be able to go and stand on the deck of such an iconic ship is an added bonus, even if the weather makes it feel like we’re at sea!

4. Park Life

frisbee bristol

Everyone loves summer in Bristol and we’re fortunate to have such an abundance of parks to go and visit. On this occasion it was frisbee at Clifton Down as the sun set.

5. Waxing Crescent

clifton crescent

Wandering around Clifton one afternoon I looked up and and the alignment of the clouds with Royal York Crescent was uncanny.

6. Round the Twist

olympics rings bristol

Outside the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, I took this through a fisheye lens to play on the already curved sculpture.

7. Good Times

love saves the day in castle park

From balloons to boats, the best thing about living in Bristol is that there’s always something going on. This one was from Love Saves the Day in Castle Park.

8. Top of the Rock

colston tower

Some of the hills in Bristol can take it out of you, but if you reach the top then you’re likely to be rewarded with some pretty great views! This was taken looking over the city centre from Park Row.

9. A Path of Wander

bristol tress

The birdcage walk is an excellent photo spot, come back here in each season and you’ll get a completely different shot.

10. Up

balloons from Bristol window

The first summer in my flat I found out that balloons fly directly past my living room window. It was a pleasant surprise!

Like this? You can follow Chris Lawton on Instagram or visit his photography website to see more.

8 Best Bristol Instagrams of the Month


Bristol on Instagram has been looking sensational recently

Selected by Jess and Jon of the marvelous Bristol Igers account.

1. Mall Gardens by @jaydrphoto

mall gardens

Whether it’s sunny, windy, rainy or grey skies, Clifton is a special place to be with a camera. This outstanding shot by @jaydrphoto demonstrates why and features a beautiful Autumnal scene of the Mall Gardens.

2. By road and by air! by @ninaallwood

Think the balloon season is over? Think again! A sunny morning at Ashton Court was recently lit up with the sight of a launching balloon which created a highly picturesque scene. Fortunately the talented @ninaallwood was on hand to capture the amazing sight and share the great image with Bristol’s Instagram community.

3. Stepping in Bristol by @shua_one

When darkness descends, @shua_one is ready to take on Bristol and capture some of the great sights the city has to offer. Josh has established himself as one of Instagram’s leading night time photographers and it’s not hard to see why with this wonderful picture taken from the top of Sutherland Place in Clifton Down.

4. Just Before The Fog Rolls In by @paulstokes72

clifton-suspension-bridge-in-the-fogThis tranquil morning shot taken by @paulstokes72 features a misty Clifton Suspension Bridge and proved to be particularly popular with the IgersBristol community. “Brilliant”, “wonderful” and “stunning” were just some of the comments received for this excellent picture.

5. Pray For Paris by @dimafrench

french flag on the clifton suspension bridge
The day after the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday 13th November, incredible photographer @dimafrench uploaded this very clever edit of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in tricolour to show support to the French, and very kindly tagged Igers Bristol in his photo. We gladly regrammed his photo to show our own support to our Igers Paris comrades. What happened next was madness…. Local press quickly picked up the image, some neglecting to mention that it was an edit and therefore our bridge wasn’t actually lit red, white and blue, and before long Dima’s image had made it to a hastily compiled Buzzfeed list of Twenty Ways In Which The UK Showed Support To Paris. And then the Mayor Of Paris thanked our own mayor George Ferguson on Twitter. Oooooops. Although my favourite part of the whole debacle were the photos being uploaded to various social media channels by disgruntled Bristolians who’d driven up to the bridge in the rain to see this sight for themselves, only to find that “the bridge ain’t lit in no colours, it’s still just white FFS”.

6. Mirror Maze by @helenisbell

bristol mirror mze
In somewhat nicer news, we hosted our fifth Instameet on Saturday 21st November; our first in collaboration with @universityofbristol and our biggest meet yet. Around one hundred Bristol Instagrammers took part in a tour of three ridiculously photogenic Bristol Uni sites; Wills Memorial Building, the Life Sciences Building and Royal Fort Gardens, the latter being the location for this stunning shot by @helenisbell of the “Follow Me” mirrored labyrinth piece by Jeppe Hein.

7. Good morning! by @daisies_world

bristol autumn morning
Think it’s fair to say that sunlight has been a bit thin on the ground throughout November so any captured glimpses of it have been welcomed warmly at Igers HQ! Daisie is fast proving herself to be a great Bristol Iger with captures such as this one, showing an outline of our beautiful city at dawn.

8. ? and…… Good morning Bristol! by @slslongi

bristol rainbow
Come on….it has the harbour, coloured houses and a rainbow in it…of course I was going to choose Juliet’s November morning photo as a Photo Of The Day….. Love the rowers too!

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