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Playground Coffee & Cocktails


Playground Coffee

 I last found myself writing about Bristol’s cocktail scene a few months back, following the successful launch of Hyde & Co’s summer selection — The Last Carnival. The blend of prohibition-era mystery and punchy cocktails really captured my imagination, and that was the most fun I’d had at the keys for a while. This time round the setting is very different, but the focus on quality is just as strong.

Playground is the brainchild of Fabian and Lilly — a dedicated coffee-brewing and cake-baking duo relentless in their search for perfection. They truly are connoisseurs of their craft. Ideally located on St Nicholas Street, just off Corn Street, their business was initially launched as a coffee house and artisan bakery, but has since grown to indulge the pair’s cocktail-mixing flair.

playground coffee

Inside, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, with stylish décor and enough space to feel comfortable. There are swings instead of seats at a number of the tables — an interior design decision which isn’t likely to enjoy universal appeal — but it does set the place apart nicely from the competition.

Speciality teas and coffees

coffee and tea

The coffee brewed at Playground is sourced in part from The Barn, a speciality roaster in Berlin. They use only the finest beans, roasted in small batches for quality control and fully traceable back to point of origin.

And if the coffee operation appears more Fabian’s area of expertise, then it’s perhaps only right that Lilly pays such close attention to the tea offerings. Playground stock a broad range of loose-leaf teas alongside Lilly’s own bespoke combinations, using delicate herbs from her native Greece. These are complemented by a fine selection of homemade cakes, prepared fresh each day for Playground’s hungry regulars.

Cocktails and beers

Collaborating with Bristol-based micro-distillery Psychopomp, Playground have crafted a stylish cocktail menu showcasing premium spirits and coffee-based cocktails that stand shoulder to shoulder among the best in Bristol. I opted for a Black Russian and a classic G’n’T during my visit — which were both perfectly on-point — and other highlights include their Espresso Martini and their Negroni, all of which slipped down a treat among my fellow drinkers.

There’s a lighter cocktail menu ideal for indulging earlier in the day, and a great range of craft lagers and beers on tap. The bar is licensed ‘till 11pm, making Playground a great spot for a drink or a chat amongst friends pretty much any time of day. If you’re a pub quiz fan then you might like to check out the twice-monthly Witch & The Wolf Pub Quiz — hosted by Zack, another key member of the team — and if board games are your thing, swing by and check out the impressive selection.


For details on Playground’s story and opening times, check out their website here. And for more of @cjcallaghan’s reviews and write-ups, take a look at his Best of Bristol author page.

All images courtesy of Playground

An Always Sunny in Philadelphia Quiz Is Coming To Bristol


Always Sunny comes to Bristol

Flip, flip, flipahelphia!

Are you familiar with the D.E.N.N.I.S system or are you just Donkey brained? Well this is the quiz for you…

The team behind some awesome recent Bristol events such as the Harry Potter bar crawl, Star Wars bar crawl and Rick and Morty pub quiz are bringing an Always Sunny In Philadelphia quiz to Bristol at the end of July.

The event will be hosted at Molloy’s Pub on July 29th and will last from 6pm till 9pm.

Entry is £2 per person and a massive cash jackpot will be available.

As a special bonus there will of course be a flipadelphia bonus round.

The event will be limited to 20 teams and you can pre book your booth/ table by purchasing at this link:

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8 Awesome Places To Drink Gin In Bristol


Bristol Gin Bars

There are few joys simpler than a G&T enjoyed in the sunshine, and seeing as we’re now on the slow descent into autumn, it’s time to start taking advantage of the warm evenings while they’re still around.

Here are Bristol’s best G&T joints, from quirky cocktail bars through to neighbourhood pubs. Stay classy, Bristol; and by classy, I mean sozzled.

1. Pump House

If we’re talking gin, then this harbour gem is The Don. At the time of writing they have over 600 gins behind the bar, and craft each G&T combo with finesse. You’ll probably never make it through their entire selection, but given their waterside view and excellent menu, there are few places better to enjoy a sophisticated drink al fresco.

2. Psychopomp

bristol gin bar pour

Bristol’s very own microdistillery and bar, located at the top of St Michael’s Hill, and well worth the trek too. Take a seat and marvel at their copper still and shelves of lovely homemade gin, then work your way through the menu. They offer tasting sessions and there’s also talk of a ‘How to make your own gin’ class in the near future too…

Find out more about Psychopomp by reading: ‘Is this Bristol’s best gin bar?’

3. Milk Thistle 

milk thistle

Not only does this classy cocktail joint do one of the best Aviations in town and have a great flagship gin cocktail in the form of the Milk Thistle Daisy, but you can also extend your knowledge of all things gin at one of their monthly Gin Clubs. One for some late night gin appreciation.

4. Bravas

Moving to a more Mediterranean vibe, this small tapas Bristol bar on Cotham Hill not only serves up great food, but a spot on G&T menu to match. Choose from classics such Martin Millers with grapefruit and lemon zest, or Bombay Sapphire with orange & lemon zest and flaked almonds. Their Gingria is also a perfect accompaniment to some Spanish snacks whilst sat up at the bar.

cox and baloney

This vintage tea room isn’t just great for scones and tiny sandwiches – they also offer some more booze-centric frolics, including their Gin & Cheese Club, where 2 people can share a cheese board and get a G&T each for a total of £26. Gin, cheese and cake – what’s not to like??

6. The Green Man


This teeny neighbourhood pub in Kingsdown may seem like an ale drinker’s paradise, but their gin selection is also mighty impressive (over 50 at the last count). Why not make an evening of it and head around to The Shakespeare nearby in Redland to make the most of their 3 premium G&Ts for a tenner offer.

7. Weber & Tring’s

weber trings gin n bristol

Want some top notch gin to enjoy in the comfort of your own home? Or want to buy the perfect present for that G&T guzzler dear to your heart? Pop along to this lush shop on Christmas Steps and take your pick from their premium selection – they also sell a range of tonics, nice glasses and gift sets, as well as running their own tasting classes and ‘Make your own gin’ workshops.

8. Dutch


Bristol’s first proper dedicated gin bar & restaurant with an extensive range of gins, cocktails and nibbles. They also host a great mix of events throughout the month.

Still thirsty? Maybe have a day trip to Thornbury just outside Bristol to go and visit the 6 O’Clock Gin distillery?

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16 Sensational Bristol Sun Traps


All the best places to eat and drink in Bristol’s sun traps

We all know that Bristol is the best place to be once the sun gets its hat on, but do you know the best joints in town to soak up some rays whilst you have a good munch and sup a cold beverage?

Well, look no further, because here are the sexiest sun traps in town:

1. Bambalan 


The biggest terrace in the city, with plenty of seating, ping pong tables and jazzy decor. The perfect spot to enjoy their Fizz Thursdays and colourful cocktails on a sunny day.

2. Grain Barge

I’ve spent many a full summer’s day sat on the top deck of this boat, waving at passing ferries and honking at swans. Plus once the sun goes in you can head downstairs for some live music or just to chill in a cosy corner.

3. The Victoria Park

victoria park pub bristol

A lovely neighbourhood pub with a big sloping garden, which gives lovely sunset views over Dundry. They also have a pizza oven and regular fun events, hurrah!

4. Beese’s

A little way out of town but worth the trip, Beese’s is a local institution and for good reason. The best way to get here is by ferry from the centre (a scenic 40min trip), and once you’re there you can enjoy a nice Sunday roast or cream tea.

5. The Gallimaufry

the gallimaurfy
Via Indies in Bristol

Gloucester Road‘s place to be seen no matter what the time of year, but it’s when the sun’s out that the front terrace of this place really comes in to its own. The perfect spot for people-watching whilst you slurp on a cider.

6. Royal Oak

royal oak

Another large pub on Gloucester Road, the garden is bigger than the pub itself, with a play area for the kids and an outside bar & pizza oven for busier days.

7. St Werburghs City Farm Cafe

city farm cafe

Not just a quirky building in a nice setting, this cafe also serves up some delicious food; much of it sourced from the allotments across the road! If their little balcony is too busy you can always pop to The Farm pub next door and sit in their lovely big garden to bask in the sunshine.

8. Mud Dock

mud dock

Tucked away above a bike shop next to the harbour, their balcony offers some of the best views for boat watching in town.

9. The Spotted Cow

the spotted cow

A summertime staple for the residents of Bedminster & Southville – the garden is bigger than the pub itself and is the perfect spot for a lazy weekend session with friends.

10. The Grace

the grace garden
Via The Grace

One of the only pub gardens along Gloucester Road, and worth a visit for sure. Make sure you try some of their yummy small plates or pizzas, or their roast is reported to be one of the best in town.

11. Spoker & Stringer

Another harbourside gem, just a few doors down from Brigstow Lounge in fact (sunny pub crawl perhaps?). The interior is hip and the tapas here is first rate – get involved.

12. Zero Degrees

zero degrees outside

Two of the finer combinations on a summer’s day: a pint of Zero Degrees’ mango beer, drank on their balcony overlooking the centre. Grab a pizza while you’re there too; you’ll probably be sticking around for a while.

13. The Pump House

the pump house bristol

One of the more refined watering holes down the far end of the harbour, not only is the food great, but they have one of the best collections of gin in the country (over 400 and counting!), so you can work your way through some exciting G&T combinations…

14. Arnolfini


What says summer more than dangling your legs over the Quayside outside the Arnolfini?

15. The White Lion Bar 

white lion bar bristol
Via White Lion Twitter

There may be pubs that are more atmospheric, but the views of the gorge and suspension bridge from its terrace are unrivalled. Definitely worth a pint for the wow factor of the scenery alone.

16. The Apple

The Apple Bristol

No sunny day drinking list would be complete without this Bristol icon – obviously cider is at the forefront of activity here, but I also implore you to try one of their ploughman’s, or be adventurous and order one of their cider cocktails. You’re not a true Bristolian until you’ve lost a day to The Apple, FACT.

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George Clooney & Rande Gerber’s Casamigos Tequila launches in Bristol


Tequila is the marmite of the spirit world. People seem to either love it or hate it.

It’s no secret that tequila is often overlooked when it comes to more mainstream cocktail bases such as vodka or rum, while cognac or whiskey usually call dibs on the preferred after-dinner nightcap.

But fear not – George Clooney has come to save the day and rescue us from our tequila naivety, and who’d say no to that? (Is there anything this man can’t do?)

Casamigos Tequila, owned by Clooney, his long-time friend, bar and restaurant mogul Rande Gerber and Discovery Land Company CEO and founder Michael Meldman, is trying to “re-educate” us on this largely unappreciated spirit. The impure tequila (not 100% agave) we shot at 3am on a Friday “out-out” session is, they say, not worth one’s salt – literally.

Casamigos encourages us to think differently about tequila, and I have to say, the liquor is smooth.


When the brand launched in Bristol this week I was lucky enough to sample their three small batches (Blanco, Reposado and Añejo) at The Ivy Clifton Brasserie.

My husband, who came along to taste test too (it’s a hard life for him), said he was seriously impressed I didn’t make my scrunched up tequila face upon sipping.

But no scrunching in sight and no mad dash for lime or salt either.

In fact, brand manager Natalia Garcia said: “The salt and lime is often used to cover up the taste of impure tequila which is mixed with other liquor and doesn’t taste good. Casamigos is created by 100% pure Blue Weber Agave, so no salt or lime required. It’s a completely different experience altogether.”

Indeed, Oprah Winfrey has called it “the smoothest, the best” tequila in the world when she sampled it.

Casamigos brand ambassador Jack Brooksbank –  also long-term boyfriend of Princess Eugenie – said the company had received an “amazing reaction” so far from the public.

“The tequila is really refreshing, very easy to drink and is something you can definitely just enjoy over ice if you want to do so. It’s come first in all the blind tasting tests which is a testament to its high quality.”

Launched initially back in 2013 and in the UK in 2015, Casamigos is named after Gerber and Clooney’s side-by-side houses in Mexico, and roughly translates to “House of Friends.”  It was originally created out of Clooney and Gerber’s desire to enjoy the best-tequila with family and friends. They never anticipated it would become the global success it is today.

“We worked on the creation of Casamigos Tequila with our master distiller in Jalisco, Mexico, for years and held many blind tastings until we knew we got it right. We’ve been drinking Casamigos with friends and family for over six years,” said Clooney.

So, how exactly is Casamigos tequila produced? Well, it’s made from hand-selected 100% blue weber agaves. When the agaves reach maturity after seven years, their sugar-rich hearts (piñas) are cooked and crushed; the extracted juice is then fermented and, finally, distilled.


After harvest, the agave piñas are roasted in traditional brick ovens for seventy-two hours before undergoing an extra slow fermentation process over an additional eighty hours, nearly double the industry standard. The Blanco rests for two months, while the Reposado and Añejo are aged for seven and 14 months in American white oak barrels.

Before going into the bottle, each batch is tasted and approved by Gerber and Clooney. Each batch is then numbered and signed by the two men.

On the website, the 750ml Blanco is £50, Reposado £55and Añejo £60.

Casamigos will be coming soon to Bristol so watch this space.

Get sipping!

Best Pubs in Bristol


28 Best Pubs in Bristol

We love a good pint in Bristol we do and we’ve got some absolutely awesome pubs scattered around that can cater for every need; craft beer, real ale, and the cloudiest of ciders. We take you through the 28 best pubs in Bristol that you really need to try.

1. Small Bar

small bar

You’ll be seeing a lot of bars from the street that features never ending selections of extremely good craft beer – King Street. Small Bar is the first in our list – a great array of beers and very nice decour. Make sure you try the mouth watering hot dogs.

Small Bar Address: 31 King St, BS1 4DZ

2. Aviator


Nestled away on one of Bristol’s more quaint little areas, Chandos Road. If you don’t live around Redland and Clifton there’s a good chance you might not have ventured here but make sure you do. Craft beer galore here, it’s a small place but really worth the visit.

Aviator Address: Chandos Rd, Redland, BS6 6PE

3. The Bell

the bell

The first of our Stokes Croft bars. Pop along Jamaica Street and into the Bell to meet the finest that Stokes Croft has to offer. Normally bustling with good tunes at night, the real atmosphere comes out in the smoking area. Look out the wandering cat that stops by.

The Bell Address: 18 Hillgrove Street, Stokes Croft, BS2 8JT

4. Kongs of Kings Street

Kongs Table Tennis Bristol

Kings Street again. One of the more unique bars in Bristol, featuring arcade games, table tennis and a big selection of beers. Not bad pizza either.

Kongs Address: 13-15 King St, BS1 4EF

5. Kensington Arms

kensington arms

The Kenny. Badly damaged earlier in the year from a late night fire, the Kenny is back up and running again and it’s a place you have to try. Hidden away on the corner of Stanley Road there’s a great atmosphere with food that is some of the very best in Bristol.

Kensington Arms Address: 35-37 Stanley Road, Redland, BS6 6NP

6. The Cadbury


Nestled away in the marvellous back streets of Montpelier you’ll find this gorgeous pub. Nice and large beer garden to sip from the array of beer, ales and 3 boxed ciders that are on tap. They also cook a mean roast to.

The Cadbury Address: 68 Richmond Rd, BS6 5EW

7. The Christmas Steps

christmas steps

It’s a wonder what new owners can do to an old place. Since the Crack magazine team took over this place it’s taken on a new lease of life and should be your first port of call if you’re venturing up these picturesque steps. Make sure you try the music quiz on Wednesdays.

Christmas Steps Address: 2 Christmas Steps, BS1 5BS. 

8. The Apple

The Apple Bristol

If you want cider then look no further than this apple soaked boat at the end of Kings Street. They’ve got 8 ciders on tap and have sold over a million in their short term moored over here.

The Apple Address: Welsh Back, Bristol, BS1 4SB.

9. Grain Barge

Keeping with the boat theme, this converted barge in the wonderful Howells has a superb atmosphere, decent food (try a pie!) and brilliant views of Bristol.

Grain Barge Address: Mardyke Wharf, Hotwell Rd, BS8 4RU

10. The Old Bookshop

Down south of the river, around North Street way, you’ll find the Old Bookshop. Awesome atmosphere in here and features some incredible Bedminster beards. They’ve even got a woodburner in the covered garden so it’s perfect for the winter months.

The Old Bookshop Address: 65 North St, Bedminster, BS3 1ES

11. Full Moon

full moon

Pop down to the Moon for one. The inside is alright but the real fun is outside in the ginormous beer garden where you’ll find a host of interesting Stokes Croft characters. Also the start point for the Bristol Naked Bike Ride, what’s not to like?

Full Moon Address: 1 North St, Stokes Croft, BS1 3PR

12. Beer Emporium

Something very incredibly Belgian about this place with it’s massive selection of beers (24 different draft beers in total) and cave like architecture. Pricey but very tasty. Brucie bonus: You can also buy bottled beer in their award winning bottle shop upstairs.

Beer Emporium Address: 15 King St, BS1 4EF

13. Pipe and Slippers

If you ever need something of a game changer on a night out then pop to the pipe and slippers and get yourself a ‘pipe dream’ (pictured). You’ll be on your way in no time. Filled with comfy chairs and an good smoking area for those inclined, the pipe is one of the best pubs in Stokes Croft.

Pipe and Slippers Address: 118 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5RW

14. The Bag of Nails

bag of nails

It’s a pub that has just ale and cats. It really doesn’t need more explanation than that, go, it’s just amazing. It’s even recently been featured in Mashable and Bored Panda. Make sure you don’t break some of it’s many rules.

bag of nails rules

15. The Farm

Tucked away in St. Werburghs just next to the City Farm (go visit the pigs obviously), there’s a brilliant beer garden and a tasty roast waiting for you.

The Farm Address: Hopetoun Rd, St. Werburghs, BS2 9YL

16. The Hatchet Inn

This historically gorgeous pub on Frogmore street is more of a quintessential rock pub than any of these so far, just take a look at their website with this message on:

‘Sorry. We’re too busy being the best bar in Bristol to make a pretty website. It detracts from rocking out, and that’s not acceptable. No. There are drinks to be consumed and fun to be had.’

There’s a fine selection of real ales to be had here and a great beer garden to drink them in.

The Hatchet Address: 27 Frogmore St, BS1 5NA

17. Old Duke

It’s one of Bristol’s longest running venues and been a bastion of King Street for years now. It’s jazz here most nights of the week and it is brilliant. Lots of free live music here most nights of the week to.

The Old Duke Address: 45 King Street,  BS1 4ER

18. Golden Lion

the golden lion

Gloucester Road is full of good venues for pubs and also free music. At the furthest up you’ll find the Golden Lion filled with Americana, Blues, Soul, Reggae, Ska, and Balkan music.

Golden Lion Address: 244 Gloucester Road, BS7 8NZ

19. Crofters Rights

Right in the middle of Stokes Croft, the Crofters Rights has an incredible range of craft beer, brilliant pizza and an awesome dance floor to sample.

The Crofters Rights Address: 117-119 Stokes Croft, BS1 3PY

20. The Drapers Arms


Bristol’s first micro brewery is an independent alehouse with just one room that can hold just 40 people. There’s no lager, Guiness or jager bombs there. Go here for a lovely chat.

Drapers Arms address:No: 447 on the Gloucester Road

21. Coronation Tap

coronation tap

This one’s up in Clifton and can cause a horrendous hangover. There’s jazz and the most famous thing of all, the exhibition half pint cider. Pro tip: Don’t try to go in with a large group of males, partner up instead.

22. The Gallimaufry

the gallimaurfy
Via Indies in Bristol

The old Galli. Right near the bottom of Gloucester Road, it’s picturesque, has marvelous drinks & food and yet always has free music during the week.

The Gallimaufry Address: 26/28, Gloucester Road, BS7 8AL

23. The Spotted Cow

the spotted cow

Another North Street pub that has quality drinks, great food and a fabulous beer garden. Make sure you try the pub quiz here on a Tuesday, one team once won £1,000!

Spotted Cow Address: 139 North St, Bedminster, BS3 1EZ

24. Urban Standard

Take your pick of the two Urban Standard locations, you can mozy onto the bottom of Gloucester Road or North Street in Bedminster, literally a Bristol hipster’s paradise! Awesome interior with dim lights and an industrial feel. The draft beer selection is small but well chosen whilst the food is some of the best pub food in Bristol.

Urban Standard Address: 35 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8AD 

25. Highbury Vaults

If you’re on St. Michaels Hill you need to give this place a try. Tiny interior with a snooker table, the garden is spectacular and actually heated so it’s a great visit during the coming winter. Little tip – don’t put any money on the floating lemon, you’ll never win.

Highbury Vaults Address: 164 St Michaels Hill, Bristol, BS2 8DE

26. Love Inn

love inn

Back in the day this place used to be called The Bank. It’s a little more hipster now but if you’re a fan of house music, sexy cocktails and a dashing interior then you’ll enjoy this.

Love Inn address: 84 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY

27. The Wellington 

the wellington

A Bath Ales pub right at the top of Gloucester Road. Does a pretty tasty roast as well!

The Wellington Address: Gloucester Road, Horfield BS7 8UR Bristol

Note.. there are plenty more awesome pubs out there that haven’t been included. Make sure you bash us in the comments for it.

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Bristol Pub Quizzes


It’s time for a good old fashioned Bristol pub quiz

There are endless places where you can find some good Bristol pub quizzes. Fridays and Saturdays are unlikely but here are loads of places Sunday – Thursday.

Monday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Tuesday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Wednesday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Thursday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Sunday Bristol Pub Quizzes


Blankety Quiz – Found across Bristol and voted the best pub quiz in Bristol

Got any that we’ve missed? Pop them in the comments below.

There’s A Gin Based Game Show Night Coming To Bristol


Gin lovers get ready

Continuing on their awesome ‘Bristol on the Rocks’ event series, Foozie is hosting a gin based cocktail game show night at ‘Gin for Win’: an 80’s game show inspired cocktail event at Flipside.

Throughout the night you’ll get to spin the ‘Wheel of gin-fortune’ that will have lots of different gins, gin cocktails and gin related prizes for you to win. They’ll also be playing the legendary higher or lower game from the TV Show ‘Play Your Cards Right’ where you can also win gin cocktails and more. You’ll also be able to toss a coin with the barman to get drink discounts and freebies throughout the night.

Some of the best gin brands will be getting involved, including:

  • 6 o’clock
  • Deaths Door
  • Aviation
  • Fifty Pound
  • The Botanist
  • Chase
  • Sacred
  • Burleighs
  • Portobello Road
  • Fever Tree mixers

When: April 21st  from 18:30 – 23:55

Tickets: £25 inc three gin cocktails from any of the games

Where: Flipside Cocktail Club, 109 Whiteladies Rd, Bristol, BS8 2PB

New Bar: The Old Butcher’s To Open On North Street In April


New neighbourhood beer bar is a collaboration between The Old Bookshop and Wiper & True

Opens at 57 North Street on Saturday 1st April

In a new collaboration by the team at Bedminster’s The Old Bookshop and Bristol-based brewers Wiper & True, The Old Butcher’s will open its doors to the neighbourhood, beer taps at the ready, on Saturday 1st April.

The beer bar, which will open seven days a week, will serve from six Wiper & True draft lines fresh from the brewery alongside limited edition releases, exclusive pilot brews in development, and a monthly bottle list curated by the Wiper & True brewers to showcase some of the world’s most exciting beers.

There’s an additional bonus if you like the bottles you drink, they will also be available to buy down the road at Corks of North Street. Owner Ben Gatt has been leading the renovations at The Old Butcher’s which is two doors down from The Old Bookshop.

The team has unearthed and restored the original wall tiling from Collard’s family butchers, and they have lovingly built the bar and front of house.

“We’ve been very excited about this bar not only because of the quality of Wiper & True’s beer but also in restoring the interiors of The Old Butcher’s and creating somewhere that we hope the neighbourhood will be proud of”, said Old Bookshop owner Ben.

Michael Wiper adds: “Bristol is such a creative city. It’s a supportive place with so many interesting people who are happy to work together and collaborate. The Old Bookshop has long been a part of that energy and we’re looking forward to The Old Butcher’s bringing even more energy to the city’s food and drink scene”

The kitchen at The Old Butcher’s will be opening soon, one of many new announcements on the horizon from the team.

Keep an eye on The Old Butcher’s social media nearer the time for opening day updates.

The Old Butcher’s Address: 57 North Street Bristol

Open: 7 days a week. Monday – Friday; 5pm – 11pm Saturday & Sunday – 12noon – 11pm

Twitter: oldbutchersbris / WiperAndTrue Instagram: theoldbutchersbristol / wiperandtru

Hyde & Co Launch Incredible New Cocktail Menu


Hyde & Co Bristol

The year is 1932; Prohibition-era America. The government is cracking down hard on alcohol consumption, and sly bootleggers are reduced to peddling their wares in unlicensed saloons away from prying eyes. Anyone caught making or selling ‘moonshine’ faces heavy jail time, and of those who do, few escape the long arm of the law.

Fast forward 85 or so years, and the Prohibition era is long gone. Temperance may have lost its hold, but the public’s taste for style and substance in their liquor remains strong. Here in Bristol, we’re lucky to have a small but valuable selection of hidden speakeasies tucked away in plain sight, some of which hark back to that bygone era.

Hyde & Co — Bristol’s original speakeasy — is one of them, and it’s earned a reputation among the most stylish cocktail bars in the city. Hyde & Co blends the decadence of the roaring 20’s with the secrecy of Prohibition-era America, offering an elegant setting for intimate gatherings with friends.

through the looking glass cocktail
Through The Looking Glass

Hyde & Co have very recently launched a brand-new menu — The Last Carnival — highlighting anew their dedication to the craft of the cocktail. Blends such as ‘Blue Grass’, ‘Curse of Canal St’, ‘Bonny Lass’ and the rum-infused ‘Hell and High Water’ offer an outstanding selection of textures and flavours, put together with care and attention to detail.

hell and high water cocktail
Hell and High Water Cocktail

Sharply dressed bartenders — widely considered purveyors of the finest cocktails in the city — are on hand to recommend your tipple of choice, and for those searching for something a little different, you have only to ask…

blue glass cocktail
Blue Glass Cocktail

Behind the bar sits a seductive selection of speciality Irish whiskies, classic vermouths, Fino sherries, camomile-infused gins, Tapatío tequilas and more, with all the tinctures, bitters and syrups needed to provide the discerning clientele with the perfect cocktail.

bonnylass cocktail
Bonny Lass Cocktail

It’d be a disservice to the nature of the speakeasy to spell out Hyde & Co’s central-Bristol location, so I’ll stop short of doing that. Suffice it to say it’s worth the search, and if you’d like more details you can check out the Hyde & Co website.

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