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12 Bristolian Phrases You Hear At Bristol Bingo



Bristol Bingo Wings

Bristol’s Bingo Wings

Stuck for something to do this Thursday? Well why not play Bingo Wings, the tastiest, most Bristolian game of Bristol Bingo you’ll ever play. With a mountain of chicken wings and over 50 brilliant Bristol phrases with a Bristolian bingo caller calling them out for you to cross off – call it, Bristol lingo bingo, if you will! Here’s 12 of the Bristolian phrases you’ll find:

1. Smooth the cat

Bristolian term for giving your cat a cheeky stroke.

2. Avin’ a headfit

Really not having a good time in the old noggin. Probably walked into Hartcliffe.

3. Keener

Individual who’s a bit too eager, normally that person who always had their hand up first in school.

4. I loves it I does

When you really do love something.

5. Let I scab a Lambert

When you really want a lovely lambert cigarette, the smoothest of the smooth.

6. Savva Burger

“Let’s have a burger”. The easiest way to ask out Terry down to Miss. Millies.

7. Doggin’ her up

Couple of ladies together, one of them is probably looking very aggressively at the other.

8. Alright me lovvverrr

A way for saying how are you to those that you’re close to.

9. Where’s that to?

Finding out the exact location of a particular place.

10. Asdawl

A fairly popular supermarket chain found in Bemmie.

11. Eat a salid

Eating greenery, commonly pronounced as ‘salad’.

Isn’t Bristolian bingo awesome? Tickets for Thursday’s event at The Mall pub, Clifton Village are £8 and available from Foozie which includes 3 games of bingo, super tasty chicken wings, prizes and loads of Bristol banter. It’s going to be awesome! Oh wait, and because you’re a Best of Bristol luva you get 15% off when you add BESTOFBRISTOL as a coupon. Cheers drive!

You can pick up tickets from Foozie Bristol.





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Where To Celebrate Burns Night In Bristol



Burns Night in Bristol

Burns Night, probably one of the best nights of the year. Why? Whisky, reciting poetry loudly and haggis! OK, not everyone’s cup of tea but if it’s good enough for the Scots then we will try and piggy back on it anyway we can!

Luckily for us, there are loads of great places in Bristol that are putting on Burns Night evenings so that we can get involved. Here are just some that we have seen…

Burns Night Whisky Club at Hyde & Co

The grandfathers of the hidden cocktail bar, Hyde & Co are of course championing an event that lets them show of their whisky knowledge and cocktail mastery. They will be joined by Max Helm, spirit ambassador for Glenmorangie, and his team, who’ll be on hand to guide you through a delicious tasting of their range of Scotch whiskies, and the exceptionally talented team at Hyde will be showcasing their skills creating a delicious whisky cocktail or two.

Tickets are £25 and include a whisky cocktail on arrival, a tutored tasting of the Glenmorangie range and some light nibbles, courtesy of The Ox restaurant (veggie options will be available).

Burns Night At The Canteen

Perhaps you want more of a knees up to celebrate Burns night? Well, the Canteen have just the thing for you! Or as they say….

“If you’re going to celebrate Scotland’s greatest poet then you definitely need the kind of full-blooded roots music that Fitty Gomesh make. Ripsnorting traditional folk dance tunes from the Celtic fringes all cranked up to get you stripping the willow until you can strip no more.”

Sounds marvelous! They will also have a Scottish menu for you, check out the event here:

Murder Mystery, A Burns Night Special at the Bristol Museum

Hold the phone! A murder Mystery Burns Night special, where do we sign up!? Good work Bristol Museum who will be hosting this event at the Winterstoke and Wills Hall at Bristol Museum with whisky cocktail on arrival and live bagpiper to pipe in the Haggis. There will be a three course Scottish themed dinner with coffee and petit fours with DJ and disco until 1am and a prize for the winning team. Tickets are £49.95 per person and the event runs on the 26th and 27th

Burns Night Supper at the Milk Thistle

Little, although not in size, brothers of Hyde & Co, The Milk Thistle are also celebrating Burns Night but with a supper in their intimate attic space- which not many people get to see!

For £55 you can join them for a night of traditional Scottish food, cooked by the chefs from The Ox Bristol, matched with a specially created Whisky cocktail flight and tastings of several exceptional whiskies from the fine folk at Glen Grant.

Stay At Home With Whisky

Because Robert Burns would have wanted you to! Of course, having a think of the old Bard and reading some of his poetry on this day would also be an apt celebration!



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Bristol Pub Quizzes



bristol pub quizzes

It’s time for a good old fashioned Bristol pub quiz

There are endless places where you can find some good Bristol pub quizzes. Fridays and Saturdays are unlikely but here are loads of places Sunday – Thursday.

Monday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Tuesday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Wednesday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Thursday Bristol Pub Quizzes

Sunday Bristol Pub Quizzes


Blankety Quiz – Found across Bristol and voted the best pub quiz in Bristol

Got any that we’ve missed? Pop them in the comments below.



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Gloucester Road

The Grecian Catches On Fire





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