18 Places to Play Table Tennis in Bristol

The best places to play table tennis in Bristol

Table tennis isn’t just for hipsters in creative agencies these days. Thanks to Ping! Bristol there are tables dotted around Bristol if you want to play for free. Or alternatively you can sink a pint and whip out your blade (that’s table tennis lingo for a bat) in some of the best bars in Bristol.

1. Kongs of Kings Street

Kongs Table Tennis Bristol

2. The Canteen – Stokes Croft

canteen outside

3. The Bearpit….when it’s not occupied.

Bear Pit Table Sleep

4. Pata Negra – Corn Street

5. Club Haus – Welshback

club haus bristol

6. North Street – Bedminster

7. Ping Pong Parlour – Easton

ping pong parlour

8. Vivo Sports Club – Welshback

9. Ashton Court

10. Revolutions – St Nicholas St

11. Bambalan

bambalan table tennis

12. Montpellier Park

13. St. George Park

14. Dame Emily Park, Bedminster

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15. Greville Smyth Park

16. Eastville Park

17. Wiff Waff, Baldwin Street

Getting close | we open on Thursday this week from 7.30am people #pingpongnoshery

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18. Battle of the Paddle

Not technically a physical location but these amazing guys put on table tennis events across Bristol.

Have we missed any of your favourite places to play table tennis in Bristol? Pop them in the comments!



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