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10 Nights Out In Bristol For Less Than a Tenner



cheap night bristol

Low on funds? Getting to the end of the month? Try these 10 nights out in Bristol for less than a tenner.

Don’t stay in! You can have a lot of fun in Bristol for less than 10 quid.

1. Independent Cinema

There are loads of little cinemas in Bristol that are worth checking out. The most famous is The Watershed where you’ll find a variety of great films for less than a tenner.

Another is The Cube Cinema, hidden away in Stokes Croft. There’s a smaller selection but a bit cheaper with tickets costing no more than a fiver.

If you’re after the latest blockbusters you can pop to Scott Cinemas where you’ll be able to see the latest releases for around a fiver as well. Head over to 51 Northumbria Dr, Bristol BS9 4HN for this place.

The Arts House show independent films on a Monday and a Tuesday where entry will cost no more than £3.

2. Bowling at The Lanes

Get yourself down here and bowl the night away. It costs £5.50 per person for a walk in bowl. Bonus. Every Sunday and Monday, pizzas are buy one get one half price.

3. Table tennis & arcade games at Kongs

Most nights of the week you’ll be able to play table tennis for free in this brilliant King Street bar. On a weekend it will set you back a fiver for 30 minutes. There’s also a wide variety of arcade games to try your fancy it.

4. Bagel and a pint at Bagel Boy

You can find these guys just off of Corn Street or on Gloucester Road. Grab the ‘Whole Kaboodle Meal Deal’ to get a choice of – onion rings, homeBBQ beans or home-made ‘slaw and a Samuel Adams lager for £10.

5. See live music for free at The Canteen

There’s live music every night of the week here and the best of all, it’s free! You’ll also be able to eat a very tasty meal usually under a tenner.

6. Watch some cheap theatre at ‘The Wardrobe’

The Wardrobe Theatre used to sit above The White Bear pub up on St Michael’s Hill but they’ve soon to be moving to a new space in Old Market. and is committed to affordable nights out. Previously, tickets were usually no more than a fiver.

7. Rollerdisco and awesome music at the Trinity Centre

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If you book before hand it will cost you £9 (skate hire included), to strap up and roll around the Trinity Centre.

8. Test your knowledge at a pub quiz

There are endless places in Bristol where you can find a pub quiz. Friday’s and Saturdays are unlikely but here are some places Sunday-Thursday where you’ll find entry for just a quid.

Monday: ‘The Flyer’ on Gloucester Road

Tuesday: ‘The Brass Pig’ in Clifton

Wednesday: ‘The Christmas Steps’ on the Christmas Steps

Thursday: ‘The Hare on the Hill’ in Kingsdown

Sunday: ‘The Spotted Cow’ in Fishponds

9. Put away at Crazy Golf

Jungle Rumble in Cabot Circus is open until 11pm. A round of 18 holes will cost you a measly £7.50

10. Improv!

Located just off Whiteladies Road, The Bristol Improv Theatre has a variety of nights that are almost always below a tenner. We recommend the fantastic ‘Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera’ for a huge barrel of laughs!

Like this? You’ll probably enjoy 34 free things to do in Bristol.



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There’s A Website Reviewing Bristol’s Pub Toilets




It’s the website Bristol didn’t know it needed

A small group has started a Bristol website called ‘Review My Loo’ with the idea that the group go around and review Bristol bars and restaurant toilets hoping to improve the Bristol toilet experience.

Rated out of cleanliness, size, comfort and decoration with a blurb at the end about the overall toilet experience.

The best in Bristol is currently Hi Brazil at 4/5:

“A diamond amongst the rough. Located out of the way up the stairs. Pristinely kept with good quality basins and loos. They are of a good size, so there is no issue of crumbling under several eyes looking at your piece. They are comfortable toilets. Due to size you can do your business in peace , and it is beautifully decorated with a modern art deco feel.”

Whilst The Canteen stands bottom at 1.5/5:

“These toilets aren’t the best. The graffiti on the wall makes you almost intimidated to have a wee. They are very small and prone to queues, with the likelihood you  will be standing shoulder to shoulder with someone when having doing your business. The toilets looks like they have been vandalised by a youth gang. Overall bad experience.”

If you’ve got a Bristol toilet experience you’d like to share you can send your reviews into to be featured.

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HMSS Bar Launches New ‘Guide To The British Isles’ Cocktail Menu




I’ve been known to enjoy a cocktail or few. What sane 26 year old doesn’t? I’d take a cold, champagne pink cosmo over a glass of white wine any day. There’s something so indulgent about going out for a round manhattans or margaritas, whether it’s with friends or family – it puts a spring in your step. Well, spring is an understatement, especially if you have five espresso martinis in a row. They’re mostly coffee anyway right…? As I found out the other night at BeAtOne, probably not. But they are o so good.

I went to check out the new cocktail menu at Her Majesty’s Secret Service (HMSS) on Whiteladies Road on Monday night. Despite it being the start of the week, I never turn down a chance to don the lippie, get dressed up and sip on peculiar potions.

hMSS interior

HMSS can be found on the doorstep of Clifton Down station. Established two years ago, the 80-capacity bar’s interior is classy, quirky, romantic and rebellious. If you’re up for more than just drinking, there are games of jenga and a great selection of music to lose yourself in; from old school hip hop, through 70’s & 80’s funk to the occasional piece of classic cheese.

hmss bar

At the start of the month, the bar launched the first in a brand new series of British-inspired cocktail menus. This one comes in the form of Winston the bulldog’s Guide To The British Isles – a light hearted illustrated drinking journey through the UK’s favourite attractions. Drinkers are taken from the White Cliffs of Dover to Loch Ness and every great landmark in between. If you’re one for out-of-the-box or unusual ingredients, you’ll be a happy customer. Acorn vermouth, laughing gas and even a chip of prehistoric stone feature in the ingredients lists.

Founder of the Clifton-based bar, Ben Alcock, said: “The menu has been created to start conversations, be a visual aid, an icebreaker and a souvenir that embodies the bar and the inspirations of HMSS.

“Whether its tourists discovering the wonders of the country or simply reminding Brits of the delights we hold, the new series of menus will embody the best of Britain.”

The menu itself is presented in the style of a vintage pocket edition travel guide, which now looks very pretty on my wooden coffee table. Inside you’ll find an assortment of highly interactive, humorous, playful and impeccably presented drinks that are a far cry from the standard cocktail offerings.

Here are a few of my personal favourites:

  • Green Manalishi (£8.50)

Green Manalishi

Barcardi Carta Blanca, Hemp Orgeat, Lime, Aloe Vera Oil, 1 Chip of Prehistoric Stone

  • Loch Ness Mobster (£8.50)

Lochness Mobster

Patron Silver Tequila, Peach Wine, Lemon Juice, Absinthe, Laughing Gas

  • Twister (£8.50)


Grey Goose LaPoire, Mozart Strawberry, Kiwi Sherbet, Milk, Whole Egg White

  • Greenhouse Project (£9.00)

greenhouse project

Sugar Snap Hendricks, Dry White Wine, Spear Asparagus, Celery Bitters

Her Majesty’s Secret Service address: Whiteladies Gate, Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2PH



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