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16 Sensational Bristol Sun Traps



bristol sun traps

All the best places to eat and drink in Bristol’s sun traps

We all know that Bristol is the best place to be once the sun gets its hat on, but do you know the best joints in town to soak up some rays whilst you have a good munch and sup a cold beverage?

Well, look no further, because here are the sexiest sun traps in town:

1. Bambalan 


The biggest terrace in the city, with plenty of seating, ping pong tables and jazzy decor. The perfect spot to enjoy their Fizz Thursdays and colourful cocktails on a sunny day.

2. Grain Barge

I’ve spent many a full summer’s day sat on the top deck of this boat, waving at passing ferries and honking at swans. Plus once the sun goes in you can head downstairs for some live music or just to chill in a cosy corner.

3. The Victoria Park

victoria park pub bristol

A lovely neighbourhood pub with a big sloping garden, which gives lovely sunset views over Dundry. They also have a pizza oven and regular fun events, hurrah!

4. Beese’s

A little way out of town but worth the trip, Beese’s is a local institution and for good reason. The best way to get here is by ferry from the centre (a scenic 40min trip), and once you’re there you can enjoy a nice Sunday roast or cream tea.

5. The Gallimaufry

Gloucester Road‘s place to be seen no matter what the time of year, but it’s when the sun’s out that the front terrace of this place really comes in to its own. The perfect spot for people-watching whilst you slurp on a cider.

6. Royal Oak

royal oak

Another large pub on Gloucester Road, the garden is bigger than the pub itself, with a play area for the kids and an outside bar & pizza oven for busier days.

7. St Werburghs City Farm Cafe

city farm cafe

Not just a quirky building in a nice setting, this cafe also serves up some delicious food; much of it sourced from the allotments across the road! If their little balcony is too busy you can always pop to The Farm pub next door and sit in their lovely big garden to bask in the sunshine.

8. Mud Dock

mud dock

Tucked away above a bike shop next to the harbour, their balcony offers some of the best views for boat watching in town.

9. The Spotted Cow

the spotted cow

A summertime staple for the residents of Bedminster & Southville – the garden is bigger than the pub itself and is the perfect spot for a lazy weekend session with friends.

10. The Grace

One of the only pub gardens along Gloucester Road, and worth a visit for sure. Make sure you try some of their yummy small plates or pizzas, or their roast is reported to be one of the best in town.

11. Spoker & Stringer

Another harbourside gem, just a few doors down from Brigstow Lounge in fact (sunny pub crawl perhaps?). The interior is hip and the tapas here is first rate – get involved.

12. Zero Degrees

zero degrees outside

Two of the finer combinations on a summer’s day: a pint of Zero Degrees’ mango beer, drank on their balcony overlooking the centre. Grab a pizza while you’re there too; you’ll probably be sticking around for a while.

13. The Pump House

the pump house bristol

One of the more refined watering holes down the far end of the harbour, not only is the food great, but they have one of the best collections of gin in the country (over 400 and counting!), so you can work your way through some exciting G&T combinations…

14. Arnolfini


What says summer more than dangling your legs over the Quayside outside the Arnolfini?

15. The White Lion Bar 

There may be pubs that are more atmospheric, but the views of the gorge and suspension bridge from its terrace are unrivalled. Definitely worth a pint for the wow factor of the scenery alone.

16. The Apple

The Apple Bristol

No sunny day drinking list would be complete without this Bristol icon – obviously cider is at the forefront of activity here, but I also implore you to try one of their ploughman’s, or be adventurous and order one of their cider cocktails. You’re not a true Bristolian until you’ve lost a day to The Apple, FACT.

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Why The Bag of Nails Pub Is Amazing



bag of nails

Bag of Nails is one our favourite pubs in Bristol

Affordable ales, cats, board games, a fantastic atmosphere and did we say cats? You more than likely knew about Bristol’s cat cafe, but did you know Bristol has its very own cat pub?

Located on 141, St Georges Road in Hotwells. You may end up missing Bag of Nails if you’re not looking out for it.

bag of nails pub

From the sign on the window you quickly get a feel of the kind of establishment legendary barkeep Luke runs here.

bag of nails pub crawls

You should not be entering this place if you’re on your way to the Bunker.

This is further emphasised with no children being allowed in. It’s no place to bring the kids, and it’s soon apparent why.

bag of nails signs

Because it’s filled with kittens! Beautiful kittens and cats are everywhere.

kittens in pubs

Here’s the mother.

cat on bar

And her friend…. sitting on a microwave.

cat on microwave

You won’t find lager in this pub. It’s ale all the way and it’s damn tasty.

bag of nailes ale

There’s also some brilliant music here. You can use Bag of Nails’ vinyl player to select from an array of quality records.

bag of nails vinyl

But… there are many rules, each one better than the last.

bag of nails rules

Such as ‘if you don’t like Johnny Cash, shut up or go away’.

So many rules it needs two sides…

bag of nails rules other side

There’s also hundreds of different games you can play. Most of them we have never heard of…

bag of nails games

But above all it’s just a really, really, really nice place for a pint.

bag of nails customers

We couldn’t recommend Bag of Nails more, it’s an amazing bar to drink in Bristol. The staff & locals are great characters, the cats are unbelievably cute and the music is superb.

Give this pub a visit… as long as you’re not on a stag do, on the way to the Bunker, with kids, or just a general piss kidney because the owner will throw you straight out.

While you’re at it why don’t you give them a like on their Facebook page?

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Why the bag of nails pub is amazing

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There’s A Website Reviewing Bristol’s Pub Toilets




It’s the website Bristol didn’t know it needed

A small group has started a Bristol website called ‘Review My Loo’ with the idea that the group go around and review Bristol bars and restaurant toilets hoping to improve the Bristol toilet experience.

Rated out of cleanliness, size, comfort and decoration with a blurb at the end about the overall toilet experience.

The best in Bristol is currently Hi Brazil at 4/5:

“A diamond amongst the rough. Located out of the way up the stairs. Pristinely kept with good quality basins and loos. They are of a good size, so there is no issue of crumbling under several eyes looking at your piece. They are comfortable toilets. Due to size you can do your business in peace , and it is beautifully decorated with a modern art deco feel.”

Whilst The Canteen stands bottom at 1.5/5:

“These toilets aren’t the best. The graffiti on the wall makes you almost intimidated to have a wee. They are very small and prone to queues, with the likelihood you  will be standing shoulder to shoulder with someone when having doing your business. The toilets looks like they have been vandalised by a youth gang. Overall bad experience.”

If you’ve got a Bristol toilet experience you’d like to share you can send your reviews into to be featured.

Review My Loo: 



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